A Tour of the Swazi Candle Factory; Swaziland, Africa [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #60]

Travel with Debbie Gerber and take a virtual tour of the Swazi Candle Factory and Market near Manzini Malkerns Swaziland Africa in this video podcast WebTV show. Watch these fabulous one of a kind handmade candles being made. Fall in love with them like I did. Buy souvenirs when you travel. Don’t get home and live with the disappointment of not getting something you wish you would have. Boomer and Senior Travel TV was formally Scatter Travel TV. This episode like the others are a good free resource for home schools.

Episode: #60
Host: Debbie Gerber
Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV
What: Tour of Swazi Candle Factory and Market
Where: Manzini Malkerns Swaziland Africa
If you fell in love with these wonderful candles while watching this virtual vacation to Swaziland and a visit to the Swazi Candle Factory you too can get your real one of a kind handmade Swazi Candle at:

Handmade African Candles Imported from Swazi Candles

Handmade, Reburnable Candles Imported from Africa in Animal and Geometric Shapes; Ethnic, Animal Skin and Contemporary Designs; Always Low Shipping

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Author: Debbie Gerber
Posted in: Boomer & Senior Travel TV

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Comments (2)

  • January 23, 2013 at 1:18 am |

    It was so fun to watch how these candles are made, amazing! Thank you!

    • January 28, 2013 at 11:46 am |

      Thanks for watching. Now when I buy or burn candles they mean more to me.

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