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Day Trip from Florence Italy to Siena Italy; Boomer & Senior Travel TV #26 by Debbie Gerber

Debbie Gerber and Boomer & Senior Travel TV take a day trip from Florence Italy to Siena Italy by train and bus. Siena Italy is old world Italy. Travel to Italy with a side trip to Siena. See the Duomo de Siena, the Palazzo Publicco, She wolf, siena train, siena bus, Fountain of Joy, Piazza del Campo, and other things to see and do in Siena Italy.

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Getaways for Couples – A Day Trip from Florence by Train Part 1

Going by train anywhere in Europe is easy and their transportation system is well organized. We traveled from Rome to Florence and then did day trips for Florence to Pisa and Siena. We were able to do both places in one day. It required that we got up early.

When you arrive at the train station they have electronic board with the information as to which platform you train will be on and what time it will leave.

We checked the board and the train was coming into the station so we jog to the platform…we got there just in time. We climbed on the train with no time to spare. One of our party was in a wheel chair? We found that in most of Italy’s preparation for handicap people without prior arrangements was sparse. If you have this need you may want to make prior arrangements or have someone with you that can help you with the chair while you get out of it for short periods of time to get off curbs and up stairs. You can reserve in advance for a first class train with a wheel chair lift.

In places that the wheelchair didn’t have access our friend would get up and walk up the stair or board the train. We didn’t know about 1st class.

For luggage there is usually a rack at the ends of each car and a shelf over the seats for smaller items. In the AV or fast trains offered a snack bar that had sandwiches and drinks in one of the cars. It was a bit pricy but that is what you would expect. On the AV or fast trains you will have a reserved seat. It help people be more friendly if you find and sit in that seat.