Adventure Travel Advice:

Adventure travel comes with risks. It is your responsibility to research before you travel:

1-      What equipment you will need?

2-      What the precautions are that you should take?

3-      What safety measures should the tour provider  take?

4-      Be properly insured

5-      Have pertinent personal medical information with you

6-      Have contact information with you

7-      Wear an ID bracelet and a medical ID bracelet if appropriate

8-      Think safety of yourself and others before vacation exhilaration


What is your best tips for adventure travel?


The Evolution of Luggage: Steps for Shopping for Suitcases

What type of suitcase to buy? The choices are many and varied.  Before purchasing new luggage or even start shopping for luggage here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

1-      What luggage option do you need

2-      What are you carrying

3-      How much are you packing

4-      What is the weight limit

5-      Are you checking luggage

6-      Do you want to lug, backpack or wheel

7-      What kind of terrain will you be going over

8-      Do you want soft or hard sided

9-      What activities will you be doing

10-   What color or pattern do you prefer

11-   How much do you want to spend

12-   How long does it need to last


What is your favorite kind of suitcase and why did you choose it?