Sleeping in the Airport like Tom Hanks

The movie terminal plays out everyone’s worst travel nightmares. What if you can’t get through customs? What if you are stuck in an airport for a long time? What if you lost your money and you have to find a way to eat? What if you get arrested for your medication that is legal in your country but not in another country?


If you get stuck in the airport, hopefully its only for a short layover, this info graphic gives great advice on to sleeping in the airport.

Here are some of the things I do to rest, sleep or lay down in the airport:

1- Find an area near an electrical outlet so I can rest and charge at the same time.

2- Set an alarm to check the status of your flight

3- Take a pillow or neck pillow so you will be more comfortable


Do you have a travel nightmare? Please share.


Family Reunion Games of the Past

Stick Game Reunion

Family reunions should be an occasion to look forward to. I know we look forward to ours. Our reunions are usually based around a theme with each family taking turns being in charge that year. We have food, talk, games and activities. I have posted several examples of our family reunions for people to get ideas from. This year the theme was red, white and blue with games from our youth. One of the games we played was “kill the can.” Everybody has a stick. There is a big hole in the middle of the circle and smaller holes on the outside with one less than there are players. Everyone puts a stick in a outside hole. The person without a hole stands outside the circle with the can and his goal is to get the can into the big hole in the center. And the goal for everyone else is to two fold to keep the can out of the center hole and not lose a hole to put their pole in. They want to be sure to have a hole because the person trying to get the can into the middle can steal a hole and then everyone runs for a hole and the person without one has to try to get it to the middle. When the person gets it into the middle hole he picks the next person to go out. We used to play this as kids and everyone loved it. It is a wicked game though. Lots of banged and bruised legs by the time the game was over.

Plank Race