Buying Real Estate in Mexico – the Experience

Coco's Cabanas Jungle Path, Riviera Maya Mexico Resort

We loved the weather and the beach vacations we have taken to the Riviera Maya Mexico so much we decided to come back and look at a place to buy so that we can come for longer relaxing vacations. We have been looking online for weeks and talking with real estate agents from different areas of Mexico. We have decided to focus on Cancun, the Riviera Maya and on the beach areas outside of Merida Mexico.

Buying in a foreign country can sound exciting and scary. With all the shows like “International House Hunters” it can seem very glamorous as well.

We have learned that you need to learn the rules and laws involved before you set out so that you know the true costs and legal implications involved.

If you are buying near the beach (in the restricted zone) you can’t own the property. You will buy it in a trust through a bank called a “fideicomisos.” I also believe that you should always use a local attorney to check everything out on your behalf.

The first property that we are going to look at is a small boutique hotel/resort with a restaurant and bar. It is called Coco’s Cabanas. http://www.cocoscabanas.com Retire steps from the beach with a great income too. Sounds intriguing.

We are excited about this adventure. I will continue to blog about it.


TSA Spills Formula in Suitcase

Martha Suitcase

Our kids flew in to visit us. When Martha opened her suitcase there was baby formula everywhere. There was a form that the TSA puts into bags that it has inspected. I have no problem with inspections but this was just plain unacceptable. They had spilled the formula all over in the suitcase. It seemed like it was done on purpose. The formula not only made a sticky mess all over everything but it is very expensive. This was a lot of money for this young couple to lose. I think they should have compensated them or at the very least apologized.


March 19th San Juan Capistrano Celebrates the Return of the Swallows on St. Joseph’s Day

Have you visited the San Juan Capistrano in California? If not this tradition happens on March 19th each year. The bells are ringing, the Mariachi are playing, and people waiting in anticipation today at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. The celebration is an annual event with the celebration of St. Joseph’s Day but also for the return of the swallows to the mission.

Have you visited the Mission San Juan Capistrano in California? If not it has a tradition on March 19th each year. It is also a beautiful town. Even if you can’t be there today make a plan to visit.

Each year the swallows return to build their little mud homes at the mission. Then in October (celebrated October 23rd) they leave for the winter. They say this has been going on for more than 200 years. Where do they migrate to? Goya, Argentina.

If you get a chance to be there it is a festive celebration you might get to see masses of swallows arriving on March 19th or leaving if you go on October 23rd.

Want more information: http://www.sanjuancapistrano.net/swallows/index.html