Traveling Tips for Your Honeymoon

I always advise that because most couples are exhausted by the end of the wedding and the reception that they should take a few days to relax before heading out on an active honeymoon vacation. If you want to leave right away plan the first few days for relaxing.


Boomer’s Bucket Lists

I was recently asked this question and I thought of sharing it here in my blog…

What types of places are baby boomers interested in visiting?

Where they travel and their bucket lists don’t add up to be the same yet. The baby boomers say they want to travel internationally but the majority are still traveling in the United States. The top destination on their bucket list is Europe and the Caribbean but the largest percentage travel to Florida, Arizona, California or Hawaii. Hawaii was high on the bucket lists though. A lot of the boomers I talk to their fears that keep them from traveling are health and safety and not sure they would know what or where to go when they travel. I address these issues in a weekly internet TV show- boomerandseniortravel.tv Because of these fears I know in my area baby boomer are looking for a closer more familiar places to travel as well as warmer climates to spend time in if not just for a vacation but also to live there for part of the year. I know my bucket list has Australia and the Galapagos Islands. I have done Europe, Hawaii and many of the other boomer favorites. I would strongly suggest that even if you can’t travel to your ultimate destination that you start traveling now. At our age you just never know whether traveling is something you will be able to do. Travel now whether it is a 2 day close to home destination or whether you can Sunbird to another location for part of the year.


Travel Illusion Photography

Another fun thing we like to do is take pictures that look like an optical illusion. This one was in Bryce Canyon. I got low enough with the camera that when Gaylan jumped you couldn’t see the ground.

I took another one of my granddaughter holding a tree. I did extend the trunk of the tree in Photo Shop so it sat in her hand.


How Much Can You Pack Into a BMW for a Weekend Getaway

Here is our weekly dilemma – can we get everything we need to go to the cabin for the weekend into the back of the BMW. Gaylan is pretty good at packing!



Date Ideas for Couples – Adventure Travel

A far-off concept to many foreign travellers is Adventure travel. We’ve all been through the same package vacations — hotel to beach, beach to restaurant, and back again — and it was not as thrilling as it could be. Take the plunge and go on an international adventure instead of a typical vacation. Adventure travel let’s you see a side of the country that you can’t see from a hotel room. It also allows you immerse yourself in the language.  You’ll end up with travel stories that really inspire people. Adventure travel can help you save money too!