Calm in the Midst of Travel Confusion

If you ever get caught with a flight delay that causes you to miss a cruise or tour you know you have a problem. If the delay is due to weather or one of the other “outs” for the airline you are stuck with the expense, and I do mean expense when we are talking about buying a flight that day to catch up to your cruise or tour.

What if you get sick just before your trip or your spouse or traveling companion gets sick? With some of Travel Guard insurance plans you don’t need to choose to go by yourself or not go if you’re not well and still get your money back so that you can go later.

Travel insurance can save you hard earned money that you put toward a vacation. There are many things that can go wrong that having Travel Guard Insurance would put your mind and pocket book at ease.

Check out the different insurance options that they have. Not all companies cover these things but plans in Travel Guard do. Compare the different plans in Travel Guard and find the one that covers the things that you need.


Escorted Tour? Live Travel Agent?

I am currently working on a package tour for me and Gaylan and several other couples. I thought I would share the process with you. This process will work for planning a group trip or when traveling as a couple.

Part of enjoying a trip when you travel is to have everything you can pre-planned. This particular trip I want a vacation that is all taken care of. Booking an all-inclusive vacation or package escorted tour are a couple of the ways that end some of the problems that arise and ruin a couple vacation.

Once the vacation is booked I don’t want to have to think about it or have discussions and arguments over where to eat, when to stop, how long to stay at any one place or another.


Types of Couple Vacations for your Gift this Christmas

Traveling as a couple can be simple or extravagant but either way you can enjoy time alone to focus on each other. Leave work and worry behind and pretend that the only people that matter for your vacation time is you and the one you love.

There are a number of different types of travel here are some couple vacation ideas:

“Stay Vacation” – A stay vacation is when you stay in the area that you live or in a town that is within economical driving distance. Stay in a hotel one to two nights. Activities could include a going to a  play, concert, the movies, skiing, rock climbing, going for a balloon ride, fishing, going to an amusement park, participating in beach activities, snorkeling, dining or shopping. Of course you should include some romance in your plans. What you include in your “Stay Vacation” all depends on the time of year, the place you stay and the activities available. No matter what you can make a couple vacations that includes fun and romance.


Gift of Travel for Couples this Christmas

Make gift giving simple this year. Give the gift of travel to each other this Christmas.

Each year my husband and I give each other the gift of a couple’s vacation for Christmas.

It is always exciting and fun to decide where to go that year. The anticipation and planning together then experiencing it together give our relationship a boost and sizzle that we all occasionally need.

A couple’s trip can be as simple as an overnight in the area you live in or as expansive as a luxury vacation to another country.

How to give the gift of travel:

  1. Decide together that you will give the gift of travel to each other.
  2. Decide if that will be the only gift or if you will also give another or other gifts.
  3. Decide on a budget for the trip.
  4. Decide where you want to travel or time when you can travel.
  5. Purchase the trip or look for a bargain or deal on the place you have chosen or somewhere that has a bargain or deal during the time you have chosen.
  6. Wrap and put the tickets under the tree or wrap a gift certificate to yourselves.
  7. Plan together the details of the trip.
  8. Have a blast together.

Reconnect with your spouse through couple travel. It will help to spark romance and interest in each other in a way you have not considered before.

As you travel together you will see and experience new things together and learn more about each other than you ever thought you could.


End Couples Vacation Travel Dampening Seasickness

Do you get seasickness when you cruise on your travel? What do you do to prevent this couples vacation dampening event? What are some sea sickness cures?

I answered this question on a friends blog and thought it might help someone here too. The question was what do you do to get over sea sickness on cruises?

I have had motion sickness since I pass out while swinging on one of those old really high swings. I got dizzy and fell out backwards. I have had motion sickness ever since. I couldn’t travel in the back seat of a car, sit in a rocking chair, go on amusement rides or watch a movies where it moved really fast. My husband loves cruises but I used to just hate going but I went  for him. I tried a verity of sea sickness cures.

Motion sickness medication which included:
Pepto Bismol

Motion Sickness Gadgets:
Magnets-magnetic bands
Patches for sea sickness
Acupressure wristbands

Motion Sickness Home Remedies:
Ginger candy
Ginger tea
Suck on a lemon
Eat some olives
Eat lightly – don’t eat til full
Drink coke
Nibble on soda crackers

I have talked to many people and they all seem to have a different results using the methods listed above. They all swear by the method that they are using. I don’t know if that means that it is somewhat physiological as I have been told before or not. I just know when I am seasick I am really nauseous. I think you need to try different methods and talk to your doctor until you find the one that works for you.
On one ship I was so sick they gave me Meclizine, often sold under the brand name Bonine. Guess what, end of motion sickness with no hangover, heavy head syndrome or feeling like I was drugged. I am not in the medical profession and I don’t know if it would work for you or would be safe for you but it changed my traveling life. You can get it from the pharmacist but it does not require a prescription by do talk to your doctor before trying it.

Finding a sea sickness cure allows you to travel to places that otherwise is stopping you from enjoying activities together or making it miserable for one of you. Remember never take any thing unless you talk to your doctor first and make sure it is right and safe for you!