Las Vegas Attractions – What to see and do NMX – Blog World 2013

Vegas Attraction & Fun

I just wanted you to know what is current in Las Vegas. I have spent time going to see several things and found that they no longer existed or the schedule of shows had changed. I hope this helps you.

If you are going to eat at the buffet you might want to get the buffet of buffet pass. It is a 24 hour pass to 6 different buffets. Weekend prices are a little higher than Sunday after 11 am. – Thursday. Ask the cashier at the buffet for the pass.

Las Vegas is still chilly and you would probably be glad of a coat if you are walking the strip of watching outdoor shows.

For restaurant and show discounts go to the tix4tonight.com website or booth to see what is available.

Mirage Hotel and Casino:

Volcano Eruptions will be closed until Feb 15th for maintenance.

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat – Open 10 am to 4 pm. There is an admission charge of Adults: $19.95 Children 4-12: $14.95 and under 3 free. Call to confirm: 702-791-7188

Aquarium behind the front desk is spectacular. The 20,000 gallon tank is 53 feet long and eight feet tall with hundreds of fish for you viewing pleasure.

Be sure to visit the Atrium while you are there to see an indoor rainforest with lagoons, waterfalls, trees and flowers.

Venetian Hotel & Casino/Palazzo Mall:

Gondola Rides – $18.95 (you may be seated with other if your party is not 4) Private Gondola for 2 $75.80
The time for indoor rides and outdoor rides are different. Outside 11 am to 9:45 pm and Inside 10 am to 10:45 pm. Call to confirm: 702-414-4300

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum – Open at 10 am for closing times call: 702-862-7810

Be sure to walk through the casino and look up. The hand painted frescoes on the ceiling make it seem that you really have stepped through a transport right in to Italy. It is truly magnificent.

Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino:

Forum Shops:
In front of the Cheesecake Factory see the fountain show and see the fish in the 50,000 gallon aquarium.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino:

Water Fountain Show – M-F 3pm – 7pm every 1/2 hour. 7-midnight every 15 mins. Sat. & Holidays – shows begin at noon with the same times and Sun. show begins at 11 am and run every 15 mins.

Conservatory – One of the most beautiful works of art with plants and flowers is the Conservatory at the Bellagio. It is Open 24/7.

Largest Chocolate Fountain – Don’t miss this while you are there behind the Conservatory is the Chocolate Fountain. Grab a treat from the Chocolatier and eat it while overlooking the pool area.

Glass Flowers – This is an amazing piece of art seemingly floating up by the ceiling in the Lobby. It is called Fiori di Como. It is 2,000 hand blown glass flowers. How did they ever get them installed without breaking them?? That is what my mind kept thinking.

Don’t forget Fremont Street downtown:

Viva Vision Canopy Light Show – The show is music and lights 12 million LED lights and a 555,000 watt sound system is an experience to be had. In between shows listen to one of the bands performing on stages spaced down the corridor or watch some of the street performs vying for tips.

MGM Hotel and Casino:

Lion Habitat has been closed. Don’t go there like we did and be disappointed. But do go to the Rainforest Cafe for some jungle feel while eating. We ate in a cave!

Coca Cola World and M&M World:

These two stores/attractions are steps apart. Both great places to see and buy things from their brands.

Walk of Stars:

I have not seen this but if you like the walk of stars in LA this may be up your alley. It is between Sahara and Russell streets on both sides of the street on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino:

Sirens of TI – Show if front of property. Shows at 5:30 pm, 7 pm, 8:30 pm. and 10 pm.

Hoover Dam:
Call for hours and prices 702-494-2517

Hoover Dam is a ways out but if you haven’t been on the tour it is amazing. There are many tour companies that you can arrange a tour with if you don’t have transportation.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden:
Henderson, NV. Call for hours: 702-435-2655

Again a little ways out go on a Self-guided tour with a taste at the end. gps address: 1 Sunset Way, Henderson, NV

Las Vegas with Kids Video Podcast:


What is Included in Hotel Meal Plans?

Hotels offer several different “Meal Plans” depending on the hotel or resort. Having some meals included can make a big difference in your overall vacation expenses.  Check to see what time of the day the meals are offered. There is no sense paying for something you won’t be there to eat. Find out how many people staying in the room the “Meal Plan” will include. Many times the room will hold more people than the “Meal Plan” will provide for so you may be required to pay for additional guests.

(AL) All inclusive Plan (also called Full Pension, or Full American Plan) Check what they mean by all inclusive it could be just 3 meals a day with drinks, dessert, snacks etc. or it may include some meals but not drinks

(EP) European Plan – No meals included

( CP) Continental Plan – Continental Breakfast: This varies by hotel. Usually it is pastries and coffee. I have been in several hotels where it includes fruit and cereal, tea, coffee, juices and hot chocolate so you will have to check with the hotel.

(AP) American Plan – Includes three meals daily

(MAP) Modified American Plan (sometimes called demi-pensions, half pension or half board depending where you are in the world) – Includes some meals

(B&B) Bed and Breakfast – Some sort of breakfast is included with your hotel night stay. The breakfast can range from a drink or coffee with a roll to a full breakfast buffet.

Each hotel, resort or accommodation may interpret the meaning of these terms differently so this is another reason to check exactly what is included before you book your hotel. We always try to have meals included as it usually costs more to purchase meals independently than to have them included in the room rate. It is always good to check and see if the meals that are included in the rate make it a better deal than booking a hotel without.


5 More Must Have Travel Essentials

Last week I shared 5 must have travel accessory essentials that make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable.  These are simple travel items that will help you avoid travel delays and travel frustrations. Here are 5 more travel accessories that are simple & inexpensive but you will find very valuable for your must have travel packing essentials.

1-Safety Pins:

  • Temporarily repair clothing
  • Pin a broken strap
  • Never carry your wallet in your back pocket. If you do choose to carry a wallet be sure to put it in your front pocket and secure the pocket with a couple of safety pins. Prevent pickpocket

2- Skin Glue: Dermabond

  • Close paper cuts
  • Seal down hangnails
  • Seal skin cracks

3- Duct tape:

  • Prevent shoe blisters
  • Bandage cuts
  • Fix broken or ripped luggage

4- Night light:

  • Plug in to navigate to the bathroom
  • Find things without turning on the lights
  • Small amount of light for those afraid of the dark

5- Portable electrical power strip & mini surge protector:

  • Additional plug-ins in hotel
  • Share plug-ins at conventions
  • Share plug-ins at airport
  • Protect electrical equipment



Warning – Before You Book A Hotel or Resort

Before you book a hotel or resort be sure that you know what the price quote includes. You want to know the total that your stay will cost before making a decision on which property to book for your vacation. Extra fees and charges can make one hotel cost substantially more than another. Sometimes you can’t tell by just the basic quote given.  Here are some questions you will want the answer to before booking your hotel or resort.

What Amenities does it include? Amenities can be anything from a microwave, coffee maker, hair blower, refrigerator, air conditioning, spa, exercise facility, breakfast, shuttle service, or swimming pool just to name a few.

 Does it include all taxes? Local, State, Government, Tax Recovery Charge

Does it include resort fees? Resort fees and hotel service fees are mandatory at many hotels even if you do not use any of the amenities. These are often charged at the hotel or resort and cannot be prepaid and are not listed as a cost on the hotel room quote. You have to ask the travel agent or check with the hotel directly to be sure if these will be added to your bill later.

What is the number of people included in the rate? Most times the quoted price is for only two guests and they charge an additional fee for each additional guest with a cap on the total number allowed per room.

Other fees to watch for are – booking fee, transactions fee, processing service fee, facilitation fee, extra person fee, extra bed fee, parking fee, energy surcharge, telephone fees, internet fee, room service, mini-bar use, In room safe, movies and games, gratuities, shuttle fee, bellman, concierges, use of amenities such as workout facilities or the spa, housekeeping charge, air conditioning or heating fee, short stay fee, snack bar, business center, over time stay, breakfast, snacks, etc.

What are the change and cancellation charges? Most hotels have a specific time that you must cancel before or you will be charged a minimum of one night and even up to the full reservation time depending on their policy. You may also be charged for changing your reservation in any way. This is something that you should know before booking.

Extra fees, charges and taxes can be hidden and can add up to a substantial amount. It is important to be informed as to the total amount so that you don’t get a rude, financial slap in the face when you see the total charged to your bill by the end of your stay. Knowledge is power and you want the power to be in your hands.



5 Must Have Travel Essentials

Today traveling is a frequent business necessity as well as a well deserved vacation experience. With just a few small simple items added to your travel accessories you can avoid frustration and delays.  These everyday items have several travel uses, many that you may not have thought of.  Add these must have travel essentials for simple and enjoyable travel.

1 – Travel Mask:

  • Fight off headaches
  • Block light out from cracked drapes
  • Block out annoying light from TV, clocks, and alarms
  • A “do not disturb me” signal

2 – Ear Plugs:

  • Block out noise on the airplane and a noisy hotel room
  • Be undisturbed so you can sleep in
  • Block out partners snoring

3 – Flashlight:

  • To read and not disturb your sleeping partner
  • Make the way to the bathroom without turning on lights
  • Finding things in your suitcase when your partner is sleeping
  • Use to see or signal during a power failure, fire or disaster
  • Looking under beds for lost items or to check that you aren’t leaving anything behind

4 – Plain Alcohol Hand Sanitizer:

  • Ward off germs and viruses
  • Eye glass cleaner
  • Sanitize phones, remotes, door handles, etc.
  • Clean minor cuts
  • Clean white boards including permanent marker

5 – Zip Lock Bags:

  • Prevent Spilled liquid items
  • Put dirty clothes in
  • Carry candy and goodies
  • Organize jewelry
  • Use as packing cubes
  • Dry bag for water sports
  • Put wet swimming suits and clothing in
  • Keep bugs out of clothing and packed items