Fun Things for Couples to Do – Foot Spa in Spain

Recently I was asked this question and thought I’d share it with my readers here on the blog..

What are some of your personal favourite and memorable travel experiences from around the globe?

One of my favorite and memorable travel experiences was going to a foot spa in Spain. The name of the spa was “The Foot Doctor” I walked by, saw the name and the fish tanks and thought that they were healing fish. I was curious so I walked in. The spa owner asked me if I wanted to do “it.” I asked, “do what?” I still didn’t get it. She said have the dry skin removed by the fish. I had heard of this but never seen it. I love new experiences when I travel so I talked my traveling gals into doing it too and we had a blast. It tickled! We giggled! There were 75 fish in the tank. They cleaned and sanitized our feet and checked for any cuts or sores. (if you have any they don’t allow you to do it) It tickled when they sucked on a new spot. After the treatment my feet tingled. I was so surprised that it really did work. My husband felt my feet and said they were really soft. I would do it again and again but we don’t have them here.


Going Green with My Snacks

When I am at home two of my favorite food snacks are green. This time of year I am thrilled because my favorite one is in season, asparagus fries. OK, basically asparagus fries are just asparagus that is steamed and then cooled and eaten like a fry. I make a dip with ranch dressing and just a hint of horseradish. Then there is my other green snack, edamame. I first had these at a sushi restaurant. Now I find I can buy them in the frozen food section. They come in microwavable steaming bags. Add a little salt and use your teeth to pop the soy bean out of the pod into your mouth. Don’t try eating the little hairy pods it is a yucky experience. I tried that once, only once. I may not be green in everything but going green for me includes my snacks.


5 More Must Have Travel Essentials

Last week I shared 5 must have travel accessory essentials that make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable.  These are simple travel items that will help you avoid travel delays and travel frustrations. Here are 5 more travel accessories that are simple & inexpensive but you will find very valuable for your must have travel packing essentials.

1-Safety Pins:

  • Temporarily repair clothing
  • Pin a broken strap
  • Never carry your wallet in your back pocket. If you do choose to carry a wallet be sure to put it in your front pocket and secure the pocket with a couple of safety pins. Prevent pickpocket

2- Skin Glue: Dermabond

  • Close paper cuts
  • Seal down hangnails
  • Seal skin cracks

3- Duct tape:

  • Prevent shoe blisters
  • Bandage cuts
  • Fix broken or ripped luggage

4- Night light:

  • Plug in to navigate to the bathroom
  • Find things without turning on the lights
  • Small amount of light for those afraid of the dark

5- Portable electrical power strip & mini surge protector:

  • Additional plug-ins in hotel
  • Share plug-ins at conventions
  • Share plug-ins at airport
  • Protect electrical equipment



5 Must Have Travel Essentials

Today traveling is a frequent business necessity as well as a well deserved vacation experience. With just a few small simple items added to your travel accessories you can avoid frustration and delays.  These everyday items have several travel uses, many that you may not have thought of.  Add these must have travel essentials for simple and enjoyable travel.

1 – Travel Mask:

  • Fight off headaches
  • Block light out from cracked drapes
  • Block out annoying light from TV, clocks, and alarms
  • A “do not disturb me” signal

2 – Ear Plugs:

  • Block out noise on the airplane and a noisy hotel room
  • Be undisturbed so you can sleep in
  • Block out partners snoring

3 – Flashlight:

  • To read and not disturb your sleeping partner
  • Make the way to the bathroom without turning on lights
  • Finding things in your suitcase when your partner is sleeping
  • Use to see or signal during a power failure, fire or disaster
  • Looking under beds for lost items or to check that you aren’t leaving anything behind

4 – Plain Alcohol Hand Sanitizer:

  • Ward off germs and viruses
  • Eye glass cleaner
  • Sanitize phones, remotes, door handles, etc.
  • Clean minor cuts
  • Clean white boards including permanent marker

5 – Zip Lock Bags:

  • Prevent Spilled liquid items
  • Put dirty clothes in
  • Carry candy and goodies
  • Organize jewelry
  • Use as packing cubes
  • Dry bag for water sports
  • Put wet swimming suits and clothing in
  • Keep bugs out of clothing and packed items

Why I do the Travel Show – Why I’m not on the Travel Channel

I get questions as to why I am not on the Travel Channel. The reason is I need more viewership to get that chance. I hope that one day they will see my show and ask me to join their group of shows. I want people to get a taste of the wonderful places there are in the world to enjoy so that they will go there and experience it for themselves. Plus people miss so many things because they don’t know they are there. So I hope I introduce fun things that they would otherwise miss. I try to include information that makes your travel easier, more comfortable and so you are prepared ahead of time. Please share my videos with anyone you know that would enjoy them. Thanks again!