Food and Snacks For Airplane

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Panic – the ridiculous fear that you might starve to death on a 3 hour plane ride, just because the airline won’t feed you on a flight. You have the feeling that you will be starving and you want to take food and snacks for airplane with you. You can buy food in the airport after you pass through security and then take it on the plane. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money buying food in the airport you can take food and treats that should make it through the TSA airport screening. No liquids allowed; soda, canned shakes, canned tuna, etc over 3.4 ounces.

Here is a list of food and snacks for airplane. One caution to note is that dairy products and meat products can’t be taken into or out of most countries. As regulations change check the TSA for any questions you have, http:www.tsa.gov.


“Do It Yourself” Journey Planner Travel Tips

“Do It Yourself Travel” can reduce your cost and allow you to customize your couples vacation. It can even be when you use a company to book a vacation through that has prices that equal or better than what you find through you research. Getting a good deal on travel allows couples to travel save money that they can use to travel again. I think that ‘Do It Yourself Travel” is all about you planning and researching the trip. If you have never used a JOURNEY PLANNER after enjoying this marvelous tool you will never plan another vacation without it.

I have several companies that I have worked with that I really like. Each for different reasons and areas of travel. I like to do travel research and search for travel deals. I use several travel provider companies as some specialize or have better prices to different specific area than others. I find deals especially if it is for a package deal. I always check the originating company of the cruise, hotel or airline where I want to to travel to see if they are offering the travel deal I found. That way I know if I am getting the best price.


End Couples Vacation Travel Dampening Seasickness

Do you get seasickness when you cruise on your travel? What do you do to prevent this couples vacation dampening event? What are some sea sickness cures?

I answered this question on a friends blog and thought it might help someone here too. The question was what do you do to get over sea sickness on cruises?

I have had motion sickness since I pass out while swinging on one of those old really high swings. I got dizzy and fell out backwards. I have had motion sickness ever since. I couldn’t travel in the back seat of a car, sit in a rocking chair, go on amusement rides or watch a movies where it moved really fast. My husband loves cruises but I used to just hate going but I went  for him. I tried a verity of sea sickness cures.

Motion sickness medication which included:
Pepto Bismol

Motion Sickness Gadgets:
Magnets-magnetic bands
Patches for sea sickness
Acupressure wristbands

Motion Sickness Home Remedies:
Ginger candy
Ginger tea
Suck on a lemon
Eat some olives
Eat lightly – don’t eat til full
Drink coke
Nibble on soda crackers

I have talked to many people and they all seem to have a different results using the methods listed above. They all swear by the method that they are using. I don’t know if that means that it is somewhat physiological as I have been told before or not. I just know when I am seasick I am really nauseous. I think you need to try different methods and talk to your doctor until you find the one that works for you.
On one ship I was so sick they gave me Meclizine, often sold under the brand name Bonine. Guess what, end of motion sickness with no hangover, heavy head syndrome or feeling like I was drugged. I am not in the medical profession and I don’t know if it would work for you or would be safe for you but it changed my traveling life. You can get it from the pharmacist but it does not require a prescription by do talk to your doctor before trying it.

Finding a sea sickness cure allows you to travel to places that otherwise is stopping you from enjoying activities together or making it miserable for one of you. Remember never take any thing unless you talk to your doctor first and make sure it is right and safe for you!