Vacation Destinations for Couples – A Day Trip in Cache Valley Utah

I know that this is not the time of year to write this blog but I was going through my photos and decided that anytime was a good time to share a good travel destination. You may want to make plans ahead.

Despite the sometimes bitter cold about 50,000 people come to Hardware Ranch for a day trip. They come for family outings, research and dates. It is an outdoor winter activity so be sure to bundle up. Wear hats, gloves, scarves and a blanket will help keep you warm as you sit in the wagon.

The elk viewing wagon ride could be a sleigh ride. It depends on how much snow is on the ground. The number of elk wintering at Hardware Ranch is determined by the amount of snow on the ground and their ability to find food higher up in the mountains. The number can reach upwards of 600 if the conditions as right.

Did you know that the Rocky Mountain Elk that winter at Hardware Ranch are the Utah State Mammal? Getting up close to these massive animals is something you don’t get to do often. Going on this day trip is not only a mini vacation but a full out educational field trip.

The ride up the canyon is extraordinarily beautiful. If you are a camera buff or photographer allow extra time to stop along the way to take photos. There is a river that runs along the road, gorgeous mountain and if you’re lucky wildlife to photograph.

Open from mid December thru February.

Monday & Friday Noon to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The last ride leaves at 4:30 p.m.

Go to the visitor center and buy your tickets before going to get in line for the wagon ride. The visitor center is up the hill and can be reached by walking or driving.

The Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area is a research and habitat area for many types of wildlife. The Visitors Center is educational for young and old alike. They have activities such as making native animal tracks in a sand bed, getting up close to taxidermied a elk and cougar, feel and see the furs of several animals native to the area, play educational games and answer trivia. They have people there to answer questions as well. The visitors center over looks where the wagon rides out to the elk herd. take place and if you have your binoculars you can see them from there.

There is no restaurant there but you could bring a picnic and eat it in the Visitor Center dining room. Bring something hot to drink as you will be chilled by the end of the ride and something hot is always welcome.

They even have an Elk Festival the week of the opening of Hardware Ranch. They have activities and storytelling.

If you fish, hunt, hike, off-road, or snowmobile check this area for year round activities.

No matter when you come the Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area Elk Herd Wagon/Sleigh ride is sure to be a fun outing.


Why I do the Travel Show – Why I’m not on the Travel Channel

I get questions as to why I am not on the Travel Channel. The reason is I need more viewership to get that chance. I hope that one day they will see my show and ask me to join their group of shows. I want people to get a taste of the wonderful places there are in the world to enjoy so that they will go there and experience it for themselves. Plus people miss so many things because they don’t know they are there. So I hope I introduce fun things that they would otherwise miss. I try to include information that makes your travel easier, more comfortable and so you are prepared ahead of time. Please share my videos with anyone you know that would enjoy them. Thanks again!


Travel to Unique Historical Dolmens in Drenthe Holland Netherlands

I so appreciate viewers and readers who respond and give me information that I can pass on. That way more people get to see special unique areas of the world that we would otherwise miss. Here is one that my Youtube subscriber DeadLikeSilence told me about. Thank you from all of us for telling me about the Dolmens and zoo in North Holland.
In the province of Drenthe Holland Netherlands is a unique sightseeing stop. It has 53 of the 54 remaining dolmens in the Netherlands. The word Dolmens came from two word meaning “Stone Table.” Dolmens are megalithic tombs (tombs with Large Stones covering it.) I understand that biking or walking is an awesome way to go and see the Dolmens. Just outside of Borger is a megalithic tomb museum and tourist information center where you can get a route map to follow. There are 16 of the Dolmens (hunebedcentrum – Dutch name) in this area.
Also I hear that they are building a zoo in the Drenthe province that will be the biggest in Europe. It is in a village called Emmen.
I will definitely add this to my next visit to Holland Netherlands.


My Favorite Travel Survey

My Favorite Travel Survey:

My favorite relaxation travel Destination: An all-inclusive beach resort; Away from stress, Lay in the sun, Eat exotic food, Everything is included, Romantic evenings, Sexy, activities

My Favorite Activity is: Cooking Demonstrations, Aerobics on the beach, Snorkeling, Photography, and Bedroom activities

My Favorite Food is: Soup and Meat.

My Favorite Drink is: Shirley Temple – with lots of maraschino cherries

My Favorite Souvenir is: A papyrus painting from Egypt of the Judgment

My Favorite Tour was: A safari in South Africa & the Beer Can House in Houston, TX

My Favorite Resort: Grand Sirenis, Rivera Maya, Mexico

My Favorite “Stay Vacation”: Cabin on the lake

My Favorite Essential Pieces of Travel Gear: My camera, my tablet and my spinning wheeled luggage

My Favorite Couple Activity: Dancing

Favorite Shopping Trip: San Francisco

Favorite Countries to Travel to: Italy, Netherlands, & Egypt

Favorite Place in My Country to Vacation: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

My favorite length of a trip: 13 days

Where Would Your Dream Vacation Be To: Dubai

Any other favorites to do with travel: Doing or seeing something new & unusual with my husband

Your age: 53

Your Gender: Female


Is Your Luggage Slowing You Down?

My first clue that I had antiquated luggage was on a trip to Holland. We took my mother-in-with us. We bought her new luggage because hers didn’t have wheels.

The luggage salesperson showed us the wheeled luggage we asked about. We like them because they were like ours and they had done well for us over the years. I told the salesperson we were upgrading my mother-in-law’s luggage. I told him that she was in her 80’s whereupon he said, “she should have spinning wheel luggage.” After walking a spinning wheeled suitcase around the aisles we bought those for her.

As we drug our two wheeled suitcases and she merrily rolled her suitcases around on and off trains, down streets and around hotels for 10 days we understood why dragging a suitcase is nothing compared to rolling along with no drag or weight on your arm. That introduction to spinning wheeled suitcases changed our traveling with luggage experience forever.

If you are still dragging around the two wheeled version or lugging around the no wheeled version of suitcase I encourage you to update to the spinning wheel suitcases. Then you can go merrily rolling along your luggage on your next trip. Here is one example of the many that are available.

Are you a lugging suitcase traveler, a drag along behind suitcase traveler or a rolling merrily along suitcase traveler? Until they make an air levitated suitcase, I am firmly a roll along on spinning wheel luggage traveler. Which one are you? Do you need a change? American Tourister Spring Ranch 3-Piece Spinner Set (21″/25″/29″) (Navy)