The Evolution of Luggage: Steps for Shopping for Suitcases

What type of suitcase to buy? The choices are many and varied.  Before purchasing new luggage or even start shopping for luggage here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

1-      What luggage option do you need

2-      What are you carrying

3-      How much are you packing

4-      What is the weight limit

5-      Are you checking luggage

6-      Do you want to lug, backpack or wheel

7-      What kind of terrain will you be going over

8-      Do you want soft or hard sided

9-      What activities will you be doing

10-   What color or pattern do you prefer

11-   How much do you want to spend

12-   How long does it need to last


What is your favorite kind of suitcase and why did you choose it?


Chuburna & Chelem Mexico Lodging and Restaurant [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #73]

Many people from the USA and Canada and retiring to small Gulf of Mexico villages north of Merida Mexico. Debbie Gerber host of Boomer and Senior Travel TV stayed in Chuburna at the Flamingos Inn on a House hunting trip to Mexico. The restaurant recommended in this episode is the Restaurant Costa Azul in Chelem. Dining on local shrimp, tacos, and Meringue puffs. The end of this show focuses on footwear for vacation.

You tube:

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Show Notes:
Episode: #73
Host: Debbie Gerber
Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV
What: Chuburna & Chelem Restaurant & Lodging (Boom and Senior Travel TV #73)
Where: Chuburna & Chelem Mexico

  • Retiring to warmer weather?
  • Chuburna beach hotel: Famingos Inn
  • Chelem Restaurant: Costa Azul
  • What to eat in the Yucatan Mexico
  • Travel Tips for footwear/shoes

Sleeping in the Airport like Tom Hanks

The movie terminal plays out everyone’s worst travel nightmares. What if you can’t get through customs? What if you are stuck in an airport for a long time? What if you lost your money and you have to find a way to eat? What if you get arrested for your medication that is legal in your country but not in another country?


If you get stuck in the airport, hopefully its only for a short layover, this info graphic gives great advice on to sleeping in the airport.

Here are some of the things I do to rest, sleep or lay down in the airport:

1- Find an area near an electrical outlet so I can rest and charge at the same time.

2- Set an alarm to check the status of your flight

3- Take a pillow or neck pillow so you will be more comfortable


Do you have a travel nightmare? Please share.