Couples Vacation – Ten Worst Things

Comedian Jordan Cooper taught our class at Blog World on humor. The class helped me compose the following list for Scatter Travel just for you.

Top ten worst things to happen on couples vacations:

  1. The guy forgets his Viagra
  2. The girls period starts
  3. An ex is vacationing there too
  4. Only one of them is upgraded to first class
  5. They are seated next to an annoying couple
  6. The boss keeps calling
  7. Fight or break up after the 1st day
  8. One of them gets the flu
  9. They miss their flight
  10. Oh no, a week long headache is coming on

Couple Vacations; Florence, Italy, Statue of David Boomer & Senior Travel TV #1; by Debbie Gerber

In this show Debbie Gerber talks about Couple Travel to Florence, Italy. Michelangelo stop overlooking the city of Florence.  Copy of Statue of David. Green hop on hop off bus, couples vacations.

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Travel Fire Drills: Hotel Fire Safety

Fireman Entering Room

Fireman Entering Room

Today I am going to cover how to be prepared to survive a hotel fire if there were a fire in the hotel, motel or resort you are staying in. Just like you do fire drills at home you need to know your hotel fire safety instructions and fire evacuation information.

Eliminating panic is one of the key factors in surviving any disaster including a fire. If you plan ahead what you will do in a disaster then you can remain calm at that critical time. Remaining calm allows you to think, function and in a positive way.

This is especially important if you are staying in hotels that are not well regulated or have little or no hotel fire safety preparation. I have stayed in many hotels where I wondered how anyone would get out from upper floors where they barely have a fire department.


Food and Snacks For Airplane

Apple Clip Art

Panic – the ridiculous fear that you might starve to death on a 3 hour plane ride, just because the airline won’t feed you on a flight. You have the feeling that you will be starving and you want to take food and snacks for airplane with you. You can buy food in the airport after you pass through security and then take it on the plane. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money buying food in the airport you can take food and treats that should make it through the TSA airport screening. No liquids allowed; soda, canned shakes, canned tuna, etc over 3.4 ounces.

Here is a list of food and snacks for airplane. One caution to note is that dairy products and meat products can’t be taken into or out of most countries. As regulations change check the TSA for any questions you have, http:www.tsa.gov.


“Do It Yourself” Journey Planner Travel Tips

“Do It Yourself Travel” can reduce your cost and allow you to customize your couples vacation. It can even be when you use a company to book a vacation through that has prices that equal or better than what you find through you research. Getting a good deal on travel allows couples to travel save money that they can use to travel again. I think that ‘Do It Yourself Travel” is all about you planning and researching the trip. If you have never used a JOURNEY PLANNER after enjoying this marvelous tool you will never plan another vacation without it.

I have several companies that I have worked with that I really like. Each for different reasons and areas of travel. I like to do travel research and search for travel deals. I use several travel provider companies as some specialize or have better prices to different specific area than others. I find deals especially if it is for a package deal. I always check the originating company of the cruise, hotel or airline where I want to to travel to see if they are offering the travel deal I found. That way I know if I am getting the best price.