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How Much Can You Pack Into a BMW for a Weekend Getaway

Here is our weekly dilemma – can we get everything we need to go to the cabin for the weekend into the back of the BMW. Gaylan is pretty good at packing!



Area’s of London

Sometimes we forget that that big cities like London are a combination of smaller areas. It is good to know where they are so that it is easier for you to know where you will be located if the hotel is listed by the area name. Knowing what is in that area will help you decide what part of the city you want to stay in.


Alaskan Salmon Fishing – Salmon Bake

Salmon fishing was one of the highlights of our Alaskan Cruise for my husband Gaylan. I didn’t want to get seasick so I went shopping. We had the fish he caught packaged and sent to our house. The fishing highlight for me was to come home and have salmon bakes. I love cooking the salmon on the grill with mayo and butter. You can see the video and recipe at


Traveling Tips: How Much Should You Tip?

Tipping is always a question you need an answer to before you travel to a new place. You don’t want to underpay and be a cheapskate on the other hand you don’t want to pay too much. Research the place you are traveling to or ask your travel advisor for guidance. There is tipping and gratuities for everything from restaurants to your cab driver or tour guide.


Family Vacation Ideas and Traditions in Travel[Quick Travel Tips #39b]

Incorporating traditions into your travel makes it more meaningful to both you and those you travel with. We did that with our grand-kids when they came to visit. We went to Cafe Ibis for Hot Chocolate.

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