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5 Must Have Travel Essentials

Today traveling is a frequent business necessity as well as a well deserved vacation experience. With just a few small simple items added to your travel accessories you can avoid frustration and delays.  These everyday items have several travel uses, many that you may not have thought of.  Add these must have travel essentials for simple and enjoyable travel.

1 – Travel Mask:

  • Fight off headaches
  • Block light out from cracked drapes
  • Block out annoying light from TV, clocks, and alarms
  • A “do not disturb me” signal

2 – Ear Plugs:

  • Block out noise on the airplane and a noisy hotel room
  • Be undisturbed so you can sleep in
  • Block out partners snoring

3 – Flashlight:

  • To read and not disturb your sleeping partner
  • Make the way to the bathroom without turning on lights
  • Finding things in your suitcase when your partner is sleeping
  • Use to see or signal during a power failure, fire or disaster
  • Looking under beds for lost items or to check that you aren’t leaving anything behind

4 – Plain Alcohol Hand Sanitizer:

  • Ward off germs and viruses
  • Eye glass cleaner
  • Sanitize phones, remotes, door handles, etc.
  • Clean minor cuts
  • Clean white boards including permanent marker

5 – Zip Lock Bags:

  • Prevent Spilled liquid items
  • Put dirty clothes in
  • Carry candy and goodies
  • Organize jewelry
  • Use as packing cubes
  • Dry bag for water sports
  • Put wet swimming suits and clothing in
  • Keep bugs out of clothing and packed items