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What is an Exotic Vacation?

Riviera Maya Beach Mexico

Exotic vacations need not be what you would normally think. Exotic vacations to me are ones where you have unique experiences or ones that are different, foreign to you or make you feel extra special. That opens up a lot of room for you to have an exotic vacation.

I have been to Venice a couple of times and it was defiantly a unique, different, foreign and memorable experience. I had never seen or experienced anything like it before. Some other exotic vacation experiences I can tell you about are Egypt, a Safari in Africa, canopying & the mud spa in Costa Rica, and even laying in the sun in Mexico.

Talking of Mexico I am preparing to go on my annual Riviera Maya Mexico vacation. This year we have chosen two different resorts. One of them the Secrets Silversands Resort. We chose this resort because we are looking for an exotic vacation. Exotic because it is supposed to be a classy high end luxury resort with a high level of service. I wanted to be spoiled this trip so we will see how this resort measures up to my hopes.


House Hunting Puerto Adventurous, Playa Del Carmen Mexico [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #72]

In episode from Debbie and Gaylan continue their vacation to Playa del Carmen and Puerto Adventurous Mexico. Our vacation coincided with a two week Mexican Holiday – Easter / Holy Week and college spring break for the USA. The beach in Playa del Carmen was so crowded that there was barely room to walk along the beach. Walking down the main tourist street “5 Avenue Norte” in Playa del Carmen is must. Order healthy green drink and mixed fajitas at “100% Natural Restaurant.” Our next discovery was the Fish Spa. Let me show you how it feels to have little fish eat the dead skin off your feet. Then, it was onto house hunting in Puerto Adventurous with realtor Mike Martin from Investment Properties Mexico. We ate at the “Mango’s Restaurant” while watching the people swim with the dolphins.

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Show Notes:
Episode: #72
Host: Debbie Gerber
Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV
What: House Hunting Puerto Adventurous, Playa del Carmen Mexico [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #72]
Where: Playa del Carmen Mexico & Puerto Adventurous
Contents: In episode from

    Main tourist street “5 Avenue Norte”
    Playa Del Carmen
    House hunting in Puerto Adventurous Mexico
    Holiday – Easter / Holy Week and college spring break for the USA
    Healthy green drink and mixed fajitas at “100%Natural Restaurant.”
    Fish Spa
    Mango’s Restaurant
    Realtor Mike Martin from Investment Properties Mexico
    Swim with the dolphins

Five Romantic Vacation Destinations

1- Park City, Utah

Park City Utah is a one of a kind destination. From its charming main street to its state of the art Ski Resorts you can enjoy both a romantic and adventure filled vacation.

There is romance in the air in the mountains whether it is the high elevation or that special someone you come to spend your vacation with. Park City is a great choice for a romantic vacation.

In the summer there is biking, hiking and shopping. In the winter there is skiing, snowmobiling and even dog sledding. Now there is something new to enjoy together; take a ride on a dog sled. Taking a hay ride is always an option whether summer or winter.

Top your day off by treating yourself to a couple’s massage and fine dinning in the evening.