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Where Should I Go Is THE Question

I hear that tourists love to travel to Europe but usually with the qualifier being weather or temperature. Every time of year Europe offers something different. Take Holland (The Netherlands) as an example. Holland is one of my favorite places to go. In the spring it is one of the most beautiful places on earth with its rainbow of flowers. In the winter it is cold but then you can grab a pair of skates as did Hans Brinker and enjoy some ice skating.

Where do you like to travel and why?


Traveling Tips for Your Honeymoon

I always advise that because most couples are exhausted by the end of the wedding and the reception that they should take a few days to relax before heading out on an active honeymoon vacation. If you want to leave right away plan the first few days for relaxing.


Boomer Tour Miami Florida Part #2, Getaways for Couples [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #47]

Taking an organized boomer and senior travelers. This show features tips for boomer and senior travelers. Get a preview of our tour to Miami Beach on a layover. What should boomers and seniors take with them to prevent and treat stomach ailments, diarrhea, colds, etc. Should you take a first aid kit on a bus tour? We took a tour of Miami we saw the Miami Herald, the Hand Statue at the Holocaust museum, Coco Walk, the Kardashian Store – Dash, the Miami Convention Center, the Filmore Theater, The Tides, and much more.

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Weekend Getaways; Cooking Alaskan Salmon on the Grill [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #41]

This is the best way to cook tasty moist Alaskan salmon. After returning from fishing in Alaskan Debbie Gerber shows you a great receipt for cooking salmon on the grill. How about how to make mashed yams as a side? Join Scatter Travel at the cabin for a cooking lesson.

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Romantic Ideas for Couples

Leave work and worry behind and pretend that the only people that matter for your vacation time is you and the one you love.