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Boomer and Senior Travel The People of South Africa Tour Part #4 [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #54]

This episode #54 is all about the People of South Africa. Most of this video and photos were taken in the Mpumalanga, Hazyview, Krugar National Park area. Banana Trees are really in the herb category, something I learned after seeing fields of bananas. Learn why there are plastic bags on the bananas in the trees. The Boomer and Senior Travel TV show would be a good weekly additional home school resource.

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Backpacking: Traveling Tips and Europe Packing List

I was recently asked this question and I thought of sharing it here in my blog…

Backpacking: What is the best advice you can share about backpacking through Europe?

  • I would use the train system in Europe. You can get passes that can take you though several countries. It is efficient and inexpensive for as much as it allows you to see.
  • Bring money and a credit card.
  • A copy of any medication prescriptions, eyeglass prescription, doctor’s names and phone # or medical information a hospital or doctor might need if you needed medical attention.
  • Have a plan for where you want to go.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with someone at home and let them know if you are making any changes to it along the way.
  • Keep your money in two different places. Make sure it is secure. Check out my free printable packing list for tips at
  • Spend time getting to know places. Don’t just run from one place to another trying to see everything. Experiencing a place in a little depth will make it more memorable.

Can’t Leave Your Work for Weekend Getaways

We love working and we love our vacations but we seem to like to take our work with us on our vacations. This is another example of how integrated we are with our work. I know that I take mine with me. My favorite vacation down time is to work on articles or organize photos of the trip I am on for my website and show.


Traveling Tips and Travel Checklist, Solo Travel Safety Tips [Quick Travel Tips #37b]

Traveling alone can be scary and dangerous. Watch this week’s show “Solo Travel Safety Tips.” Learn ways to make you more comfortable and confident about your safety when you travel. I will give you ideas on how to safeguard you purse, money, avoid muggers and problem makers. Join Debbie Gerber today on Boomer & Senior Travel TV.

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Family Vacation Ideas, Grandma/Grandpa Camp

One of the great joys in my life is my grandkids. Of course like yours they are the cutest in the whole world. I have grandma & grandpa camp each summer. They get to come and stay with grandma without their parents and we cook, do crafts, go on field trips, go hiking, play games and build a lifelong close relationship with them. That is the upside the downside is some of them live so far away that getting them here is an issue. The ones that are far away I either fly out and then drive their van with them across the country and then their parents fly in at the end and pick them up and drive them home or I fly out get them and then fly back with them. There is no grandma and grandkid airline discount. Why is that? Some are still too small to fly alone. We have travel games that we play and we get a hotel half way with a pool. I have a map for them with things to find on the way; 10 cows, 5 blue cars, a broken down car, a semi that will honk, a Mc Donald’s sign (ice cream,) a park with swings (we stop,) a dog, 5 sheep, etc. We sing songs and talk about them. I have to say it, I love the movies in the car. Bless whom ever came up with that one. At least the proverbial are we there yet only comes at the end of the movie not every 10 mins. It also cuts down on the “he hit me, she hit me” sessions. They stay 2-3 weeks. This is a really special time for all of us. They start packing their bags months in advance. We have to keep reminding them when it really is. Isn’t that cute. Some of our favorite times is at the beach. We love building sand castles. They try to build them like the sculpted ones that I show in my videos.