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Stress Free Travel

Thoughts from Debbie:
There are things that you can do personally that will make your travels much easier and smoother. What you take with you or don’t take with you really does make a difference.

Things to take with you on the plane:

  • IPod or music device
  • Tablet or computer
  • Ear phones to plug into plane
  • Snacks for the plane so you don’t have to buy meals
  • Chapstick for dry lips
  • Gum to clear your ears on takeoff and landing
  • Coat or sweater if your airline charges for blankets
  • Pillow or head neck rest
  • Purse, Small backpack, or bag for a carryon in case your larger carryon is gate checked.

Your preplanning and attitude can make all the difference to your enjoyment. Planning enough time to arrive at the airport will decrease the tension between couples. If you do get to the airport early have games or reading material with you to take up the time.

If you are abrupt or rude to the TSA or other airline officials and employees you can expect that their attitude toward you will not be as nice as if you were pleasant and cooperative.

Do what you can yourself to improve and help make your vacation pleasant, fun, and enjoyable.