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Adventure Travel Advice:

Adventure travel comes with risks. It is your responsibility to research before you travel:

1-      What equipment you will need?

2-      What the precautions are that you should take?

3-      What safety measures should the tour provider  take?

4-      Be properly insured

5-      Have pertinent personal medical information with you

6-      Have contact information with you

7-      Wear an ID bracelet and a medical ID bracelet if appropriate

8-      Think safety of yourself and others before vacation exhilaration


What is your best tips for adventure travel?


Wear Your Seat Belt Road Trips

Seat Belt

I believe in seat belts. It is a rule in my car that anyone that gets in has to wear their seat belt before the car moves. I know that seat belts can be annoying especially when you are on a long road trip. But it is worth it if you are ever in an accident and it’s the law.


Intoxication – Vacation Fun or Regret

Top Reasons not to get drunk on vacation:

1- Insurance may not cover you while drunk
2- You do things you regret the next day
3- Leaves you vulnerable to predators
4- Spend an excessive amount of money
5- Bad or illegal behavior follows
6- Exasperates known or unknown medical problems
7- You are annoying, crude to or start fights with other people
8- Get you thrown in jail and in a foreign country that scary
9- Makes you an easy target for theft
10- Be injured or injure someone else

Have you had a negative experience being drunk or dealing with drunk travelers on a vacation?


TMI – Too Much Information

There are two parts of this I would like to talk about:

1- Sharing personal things on the internet.
• Don’t ever share (There are things that should stay in your household)
• Don’t tell health problems (can be seen by future employers – Medical record)
• Don’t tell problems with raising children (can be interpreted wrong and get you in trouble)
• Tell things about other people (even if they told you it isn’t your place to share their life on the internet)

2- Sharing travel plans
• Don’t tell people you are away from home (sets you up for burglary)
• Secure your electronics with passwords