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Save Time & Frustration: How to Book Your Hotel with Confidence

I had a friend stop over to visit and said that she had booked a trip to Italy. When they got there the hotels she stayed in were “scary terrible.”

She said that when they got there it didn’t have a restaurant nor were there any in the area. Not knowing the area they thought they would have to go hungry that night. Luckily there were place that delivered.

She asked me how I find a good hotel. Here are some tips I gave her on finding reviews and being informed before you book a hotel:

Check my website and travel videos to see if I have reviewed the area that you are traveling to. I always try to give reviews that are fair but accurate along with area information that will help you enjoy your vacation but if I haven’t reviewed the hotel then check:


My Map Showing Where I Have Traveled – from Trip Advisor

I have had so much fun traveling and sharing the fun, exciting and weird places I have been but I have never stopped to map out where I have been. Today I did that on Trip Advisor. I thought in order to better serve my audience I would share it with you. If there is a place I have been that you would like to hear about or need details for a trip that you are planning you can ask in the comments or email me and I will share that info with you. I have put down some of my favorites but there are so many because each place I go I find something unique and interesting to see or do. I hope that I can help you to do the same.

Holland Netherlands

Cairo Egypt

Beijing China

London England

Rome Italy

Florence Italy

Venice Italy

Paris France

Dubrovnik Croatia

Dominican Republic


Costa Rica


South Africa


Yellowstone Park


New York

Atlanta Georgia

New Orleans