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Adventure Travel Advice:

Adventure travel comes with risks. It is your responsibility to research before you travel:

1-      What equipment you will need?

2-      What the precautions are that you should take?

3-      What safety measures should the tour provider  take?

4-      Be properly insured

5-      Have pertinent personal medical information with you

6-      Have contact information with you

7-      Wear an ID bracelet and a medical ID bracelet if appropriate

8-      Think safety of yourself and others before vacation exhilaration


What is your best tips for adventure travel?


Government Travel Warnings Boomer and Senior Travel [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #49]

A prepared Boomer or Senior traveler is a safer, healthier, more confident Traveler. Are you prepared. Everyone should pack a travel emergency disaster kit. Watch this travel disaster preparedness video for hints tips and information for being prepared for disasters, chaos, evacuations, and emergency especially when you are on vacation. Leave about the government S.T.E.P. program. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

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Travel Information for Boomer and Senior Travel [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #48]

There are specific problems for boomer and senior travelers. This episode solves some of the most common problems boomers and seniors face. With these hints and tips those travel problems can be avoided. Debbie introduces you to a government travel website that is your golden ticket to current official travel information for the destinations and countries that you have on your bucket list . She also introduces the upcoming series of episodes on what you need to know before buying a second home or vacation home. Watch this video web TV series hosted by Debbie Gerber is the new popular travel show for the boomer travel and senior vacationing crowd.

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