Romantic Vacation Ideas for Couples

Recently I was asked this question and thought I’d share it with my readers here on the blog..

Can someone help with vacation ideas?

“Ok so my boyfriend and I are looking for a slightly romantic vacation to go on to celebrate our 1 year. We have a very limited budget, probably about 700 for a vacation, is there anywhere within about 5-8 hours of Kansas City that could be moderately romantic for that price? Or any other cheap vacation ideas?”

Remember that a romantic getaway is all about spending time together. When you see, do or share new thing together that draws you closer together. Here are some day trips I found in that area. You could go one place or go on a road trip together for very little money.

Olathe – Go to the Mahaffe Stagecoach Stop and Farmstead and experience life from the 1860’s.

Chilllicothe Region – Visit: the home of Walt Disney, an Amish Community, home of J.C. Penny. Mormon Heritage Sites, home of General Pershing and the Locust Creek Covered Bridge.

Excelsior Springs, MO – Spend some romantic time soaking in the healing natural springs of Excelsior Springs

Atchison, KS- Getting scared is always romantic. Try clinging to each other at Atchin one of the nation’s most haunted places. Take a haunted tour on the Atchison Trolley. Visit the Evah C. Cray Museum a very haunted place.

You could always do a stay vacation where you turn off your phones, order in dinner and relax together doing the things that you enjoy together but never have the time.


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