Couples Retreat; Can You Afford to Travel For A Year?

The cost of travel depends on how your travel style and mentality. It is far cheaper to make or find friends to stay with and to eat from shopping at a grocery store or street venders. But if that is not your travel style then expect to pay more. Personally I like to stay in a hotel and eat at restaurants. I am not the camp out person. Even though that is the case I find that we spend far less than you would imagine. Just on our last trip we flew to Florida took a two week transatlantic cruise then spent 13 days in Spain, then flew back to Utah. We stayed in nice hotels (not luxury – not trashy) We ate in restaurants, bought groceries for some breakfasts and 1 picnic, and rented a car. Took a tour of Tanjeer Morocco, Gibraltar, Alhambra, a Gypsy Show, the Caves of Nerja, and We spent about $3600 as a couple.

Author: Debbie Gerber
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