Destinations for Couples – Amsterdam

We really did see bikes in the water and dangling over the edge of the canal in Amsterdam, Holland Netherlands. We saw thousands of bikes at the train station as well as people riding them everywhere. Riding a bike in Amsterdam is easy and fun. It is one of the easiest places because bikes pretty much have the right of way everywhere. Parking for cars is difficult and expensive so a bike or public transportation is the way to go.


Vacation Destinations for Couples

Recently I was asked this question and thought I’d share it with my readers here on the blog..

1.What are the most popular places in the world to visit?

The ones that I always hear is: Paris, Hawaii, and Niagara Falls. I think these are great but everyone’s favorites are the places that they have been that have had an emotional experience for them. Some where that touched them, excited them, where they experienced something new and different or somewhere that they interacted with the people.

I loved Paris because we went to a tour – The Catacombs and the underground sewer tours. I loved sitting out in the street cafes. That was what made Paris for me.

One of my favorite places in the world are Holland and Riviera Maya Mexico. Holland hit the top of my list when we spent time walking along the canals visiting with the people and eating in the local pubs.

Riviera Maya on the other hand is in the top of my list because it is where we go for romantic beach vacations.

At the very top of my list of favorites is Egypt. It is just so overwhelmingly overwhelming! The history, the grandness and the gracious people.

But all of the I think should be the most popular places because I loved them so much.


Travel to Unique Historical Dolmens in Drenthe Holland Netherlands

I so appreciate viewers and readers who respond and give me information that I can pass on. That way more people get to see special unique areas of the world that we would otherwise miss. Here is one that my Youtube subscriber DeadLikeSilence told me about. Thank you from all of us for telling me about the Dolmens and zoo in North Holland.
In the province of Drenthe Holland Netherlands is a unique sightseeing stop. It has 53 of the 54 remaining dolmens in the Netherlands. The word Dolmens came from two word meaning “Stone Table.” Dolmens are megalithic tombs (tombs with Large Stones covering it.) I understand that biking or walking is an awesome way to go and see the Dolmens. Just outside of Borger is a megalithic tomb museum and tourist information center where you can get a route map to follow. There are 16 of the Dolmens (hunebedcentrum – Dutch name) in this area.
Also I hear that they are building a zoo in the Drenthe province that will be the biggest in Europe. It is in a village called Emmen.
I will definitely add this to my next visit to Holland Netherlands.


Zaanse Schans A Little Of Everything Holland Netherlands

If you only take one day trip from Amsterdam make it Zaanse Schans. This small village is a sampling of all things Holland, Netherlands.

Most of the industrial windmills on the river Zaan are now gone. Six of the thirteen still there are in Zaanse Schans.  It is fun to go and see these working. There are 8 windmills in total here.

Do something unique and fun visit the working windmills:

“‘De Huisman'” (Mustard Mill)
“De Gekroonde Poelenburg'” (Sawmill)
“De Kat'” (Paint Mill)
“De Zoeker” (Oil Mill)
“De Bonte Hen” (Oil Mill)
“het Jonge Schaap'” (Saw Mill)
“De Windhond” (Sand Stone)
“De Hadel” (Pasture Water Moving Mill)

You can see the Paint Mill in the Scatter Travel Video “Couple Vacations; Zaanse Schans Holland, Netherlands; Boomer & Senior Travel TV #8; by Debbie Gerber” along with fun and unique things to see and do at Zaanse Schans.