Things to do in San Francisco bike

San Francisco is a place where there is so much to do that you would need a couple weeks to fully experience it. There are many ways to see San Francisco. Some of the most popular are by car, on the famous cable cars, and various tour companies that provide narrated tours. Try something different and see San Francisco by bike. You can rent them and even ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. Sausalito is another close interesting place to see, shop and have a dining experience next to the water. One of my favorite shopping sprees was in Sausalito where my husband bought a piano purse for my daughter.


5 Life Lesson Books Worth Reading

I love reading books. Books and vacations just go together for me. Most of the time nowadays I read off my digital device as I can carry a lot of books in a small light device. I do like my kindle (I have the old one) with the white screen to read out on the beach. The sun reflection is a real problem off my phone. I think that it is essential to keep learning. I love books that teach life and business skills. I thought I would share some of them with you. You can get them through these links to Amazon through my affiliate link. I hope you will share with me how these books affect you after you read them. In another post I will list my current favorite list of fiction that I am reading.

1. Notes From A Friend by Anthony Robbins
This book is great for all ages. It has skills that when incorporated in your life increases your likeability and success in all area of your life. It is an easy to read and understand book.

2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
This little book has so many great life lessons in it. It will teach you at the depth of understanding that you have. Read it again and it teaches you more.

3. The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

This really made me think about the choices that I make. Sometimes it even scared me.

4. Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander

I have Rhino of all sorts all over my house. We were given this book by the first millionaire that we spent time with as a gift. He believed this book held success secrets that could help us. I love the lessons in this book. From this we made the Rhino our family mascot.

5. Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

Easy jr. high level reading book that has powerful life lessons in it. I read this when I was making pottery but found there was so much more to it. All kids – and adults – should read this book.

I read a lot of different types of books but life lesson books are at the top of my list. I like small easy to read books that I can read in a day or two. I don’t have the attention span for thick month long books. I hope you enjoy these books. I would love to hear your experiences with them.


How to see Amsterdam

We really did see bikes in the water and dangling over the edge of the canal in Amsterdam, Holland Netherlands. We saw thousands of bikes at the train station as well as people riding them everywhere.

Riding a bike in Amsterdam is easy and fun. It is one of the easiest places because bikes pretty much have the right of way everywhere. Parking for cars is difficult and expensive so a bike or public transportation is the way to go.


Lima Peru San Francisco Church [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #77]

When you visit Lima Peru be sure to visit the San Francisco Church. It is a landmark in Lima. Great example of architecture, history, culture and art all in one stop. If you are booking a tour be sure that this is included in the itinerary. The tour of the San Francisco church includes the catacombs and the Peruvian painting of the last supper. This show is hosted by Debbie Gerber from boomer and Senior Travel TV. This is episode #77.

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Show Notes:
Episode: #77
Host: Debbie Gerber
Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV
What: Lima Peru San Francisco Church [ Boomer and Senior Travel TV ]
Where: Lima Peru
– San Francisco Church
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Lima Peru, Boomer and Senior Travel TV Show #76

Lima Peru a trip of cultural appreciation, architectural beauty and amazing people. We started our trip in Lima Peru with a short visit to the central square and souvenir shopping.

I am happy to share this Video Podcast of trip to Lima Peru. Boomer and Senior Travel & Debbie Gerber share the video of her trip to Lima Peru. It is my hope that my travel show will help others who wish to travel to Peru. Also I appreciate my followers who want to see the world through my videos. Please share these show with others you know who have world travel on their bucket list.

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Show Notes:
Episode: #76
Host: Debbie Gerber
Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV
What: Lima Peru Trip Virtual Tour [Boom and Senior Travel TV #76]
Where: Lima Peru

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