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Five Romantic Vacation Destinations

1- Park City, Utah

Park City Utah is a one of a kind destination. From its charming main street to its state of the art Ski Resorts you can enjoy both a romantic and adventure filled vacation.

There is romance in the air in the mountains whether it is the high elevation or that special someone you come to spend your vacation with. Park City is a great choice for a romantic vacation.

In the summer there is biking, hiking and shopping. In the winter there is skiing, snowmobiling and even dog sledding. Now there is something new to enjoy together; take a ride on a dog sled. Taking a hay ride is always an option whether summer or winter.

Top your day off by treating yourself to a couple’s massage and fine dinning in the evening.


Couple Vacations; Delft and Schiedam Holland Netherlands; Boomer & Senior Travel TV #11; by Debbie Gerber

Show #11 A visit to beautiful Delft and Schiedam Holland Netherlands. Debbie Gerber takes you to a Delft Blue Pottery Factory “Delftse Pauw” to watch them hand paint the pottery in the original style. In Delft we see “New Church, Delft Square, Blue Glass Heart, rising of the draw bridge, Delft restaurants, Billy Bear restaurant, and the Hotel De Koophandel pictures.  In Schiedam do the walking tour of the 5 tallest Windmills in the world. “De Walvisch (whale) De Noord (the north) De Palmboom (The Palmtree) (De Drie Koombloemen (The Three Cornflowers) and De Vrijheid (The Freedom.) My favorite thing to do is have ice cream and Freeze (fries)


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