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Boomer Tour Miami Florida, Couples Retreat [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #46]

Have extra time on a layover? Book a tour of Miami. We took a tour of Miami with Miami Group Tours with visits to Miami Beach, the Biltmore Hotel, Venetian Pools, and celebrity homes like Sylvester Stallone and Madonna. Check out this tour and tips for Boomers and senior travelers to solve travel related problems and make your vacation easier and more comfortable.

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Couples Retreat; Can You Afford to Travel For A Year?

The cost of travel depends on how your travel style and mentality. It is far cheaper to make or find friends to stay with and to eat from shopping at a grocery store or street venders. But if that is not your travel style then expect to pay more. Personally I like to stay in a hotel and eat at restaurants. I am not the camp out person. Even though that is the case I find that we spend far less than you would imagine. Just on our last trip we flew to Florida took a two week transatlantic cruise then spent 13 days in Spain, then flew back to Utah. We stayed in nice hotels (not luxury – not trashy) We ate in restaurants, bought groceries for some breakfasts and 1 picnic, and rented a car. Took a tour of Tanjeer Morocco, Gibraltar, Alhambra, a Gypsy Show, the Caves of Nerja, and We spent about $3600 as a couple.


Traveling Tips and Travel Checklist, Solo Travel Safety Tips [Quick Travel Tips #37b]

Traveling alone can be scary and dangerous. Watch this week’s show “Solo Travel Safety Tips.” Learn ways to make you more comfortable and confident about your safety when you travel. I will give you ideas on how to safeguard you purse, money, avoid muggers and problem makers. Join Debbie Gerber today on Boomer & Senior Travel TV.

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Date Ideas for Couples, Couple Dinner Topics that Will End in Arguments

Spending time together whether eating together, sitting in bed or traveling can be fun or the start of an argument depending on what they are talking about.

When men and woman spend time together there are just some subjects that you shouldn’t bring up in conversation if you want the time together to stay friendly. Men and woman each have things that push their buttons especially if it is a topic that in their minds threatens their relationship.
If you are aware of the taboo subjects then you can pick subjects that you can both find agreeable and interesting and bring you closer together rather than tearing you apart.



Weekend Getaways or Long Vacations?

I was recently asked this question and I thought of sharing it here in my blog…

Which is better: many short vacations or few long vacations?

That would depend on whether you want to go somewhere that takes a long time to get there or that would take a long time to go sightseeing around. Sometimes it is better to take a long trip so that you can have time to enjoy the trip not just spend days in transit. I like short trips for places that are close to travel to and that are basically weekend getaways. Personally I like a combination of both.