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The Love of Ice Cream

Banana Splits

Our family is known for its love of ice cream. We often haveĀ  an ice cream treat while we watch a movie or even the news. I bought banana split dishes just for the occasion. I think if it looks food fancy it tastes better. One of our favorite toppings is cut up fruit especially pineapple, strawberries and cantaloupe. Although for me hot fudge is always a great choice. When we travel we love to find an ice cream outlet. In Europe our favorite is Gelato.


You are Special Today Traditions

One of our family traditions is that when someone has a birthday or great accomplishment they get to eat on the You are special today” plate.

We also have a blow up cake that the birthday person gets in front of their plate. They get a real cake too. The blow up cake was a joke one year and now everyone expects it just for fun. Traditions are funny things. Once established they become important to the people involved. Even the grand kids and friends want in on the fun.