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My Favorite Travel Survey

My Favorite Travel Survey:

My favorite relaxation travel Destination: An all-inclusive beach resort; Away from stress, Lay in the sun, Eat exotic food, Everything is included, Romantic evenings, Sexy, activities

My Favorite Activity is: Cooking Demonstrations, Aerobics on the beach, Snorkeling, Photography, and Bedroom activities

My Favorite Food is: Soup and Meat.

My Favorite Drink is: Shirley Temple – with lots of maraschino cherries

My Favorite Souvenir is: A papyrus painting from Egypt of the Judgment

My Favorite Tour was: A safari in South Africa & the Beer Can House in Houston, TX

My Favorite Resort: Grand Sirenis, Rivera Maya, Mexico

My Favorite “Stay Vacation”: Cabin on the lake

My Favorite Essential Pieces of Travel Gear: My camera, my tablet and my spinning wheeled luggage

My Favorite Couple Activity: Dancing

Favorite Shopping Trip: San Francisco

Favorite Countries to Travel to: Italy, Netherlands, & Egypt

Favorite Place in My Country to Vacation: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

My favorite length of a trip: 13 days

Where Would Your Dream Vacation Be To: Dubai

Any other favorites to do with travel: Doing or seeing something new & unusual with my husband

Your age: 53

Your Gender: Female