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Where Should I Go Is THE Question

I hear that tourists love to travel to Europe but usually with the qualifier being weather or temperature. Every time of year Europe offers something different. Take Holland (The Netherlands) as an example. Holland is one of my favorite places to go. In the spring it is one of the most beautiful places on earth with its rainbow of flowers. In the winter it is cold but then you can grab a pair of skates as did Hans Brinker and enjoy some ice skating.

Where do you like to travel and why?


Boomer Tour Miami Florida Part #2, Getaways for Couples [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #47]

Taking an organized boomer and senior travelers. This show features tips for boomer and senior travelers. Get a preview of our tour to Miami Beach on a layover. What should boomers and seniors take with them to prevent and treat stomach ailments, diarrhea, colds, etc. Should you take a first aid kit on a bus tour? We took a tour of Miami we saw the Miami Herald, the Hand Statue at the Holocaust museum, Coco Walk, the Kardashian Store – Dash, the Miami Convention Center, the Filmore Theater, The Tides, and much more.

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Getaways for Couples; Amsterdam, A Unique Travel Destination

I love Amsterdam. It is one of my favorite places to go. I want to go biking there someday. That is if I can get so that I can go further than a few blocks before I think I am dying. Another way to travel is by boat on the canals. It is a totally different view of Holland. Watch the videos of Holland Netherlands at


Backpacking: Traveling Tips and Europe Packing List

I was recently asked this question and I thought of sharing it here in my blog…

Backpacking: What is the best advice you can share about backpacking through Europe?

  • I would use the train system in Europe. You can get passes that can take you though several countries. It is efficient and inexpensive for as much as it allows you to see.
  • Bring money and a credit card.
  • A copy of any medication prescriptions, eyeglass prescription, doctor’s names and phone # or medical information a hospital or doctor might need if you needed medical attention.
  • Have a plan for where you want to go.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with someone at home and let them know if you are making any changes to it along the way.
  • Keep your money in two different places. Make sure it is secure. Check out my free printable packing list for tips at
  • Spend time getting to know places. Don’t just run from one place to another trying to see everything. Experiencing a place in a little depth will make it more memorable.

Date Ideas for Couples , Alaska Wildlife Viewing in Denali Park [Boomer & Senior Travel TV #40]

One of the reasons to travel to Alaska is to see wildlife; caribou, bears, and moose. In this episode of Boomer & Senior Travel TV we see a mother bear and her two cubs. Denali Park Tour wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t see caribou or reindeer by their domesticated name. Don’t miss seeing a mamma Grizzly and her babies two played and other wildlife on a trip through Denali Park. Ellison Visitors Center in Denali Park has one of the most beautiful quilts on display made by a local artisan.

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