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Types of Couple Vacations for your Gift this Christmas

Traveling as a couple can be simple or extravagant but either way you can enjoy time alone to focus on each other. Leave work and worry behind and pretend that the only people that matter for your vacation time is you and the one you love.

There are a number of different types of travel here are some couple vacation ideas:

“Stay Vacation” – A stay vacation is when you stay in the area that you live or in a town that is within economical driving distance. Stay in a hotel one to two nights. Activities could include a going to a  play, concert, the movies, skiing, rock climbing, going for a balloon ride, fishing, going to an amusement park, participating in beach activities, snorkeling, dining or shopping. Of course you should include some romance in your plans. What you include in your “Stay Vacation” all depends on the time of year, the place you stay and the activities available. No matter what you can make a couple vacations that includes fun and romance.