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Wear Your Seat Belt Road Trips

Seat Belt

I believe in seat belts. It is a rule in my car that anyone that gets in has to wear their seat belt before the car moves. I know that seat belts can be annoying especially when you are on a long road trip. But it is worth it if you are ever in an accident and it’s the law.


Summer Road Trip – Traveling Tips

Just a few tips can help a road trip go more smoothly especially if you are traveling with kids. I took my grandkids to Southern Utah this summer. A cooler was definitely a life saver. We could store treats and food so it would stay cold. We froze water bottles 3/4 full then as they melted we had cold water to drink. The new wave of having a video player in the car must be God sent because we sure felt blessed by it. We still took time out for songs, stories and laughter.


Couple Vacations; Muiden and Marken, Holland, Netherlands; Boomer & Senior Travel TV #5; by Debbie Gerber

In this Travel video show on Couple Travel preview what to see and do in Muiden and Markem Holland Netherlands. You will see the fairytale Muiderslot Castle, a historic seaside villiage, and demonstrations at Irene Hoeve tour of clog making and cheese making. These are great day trips from Amsterdam Holland Netherlands.

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