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Traveling Tips for Your Honeymoon

I always advise that because most couples are exhausted by the end of the wedding and the reception that they should take a few days to relax before heading out on an active honeymoon vacation. If you want to leave right away plan the first few days for relaxing.


Getaways for Couples; Amsterdam, A Unique Travel Destination

I love Amsterdam. It is one of my favorite places to go. I want to go biking there someday. That is if I can get so that I can go further than a few blocks before I think I am dying. Another way to travel is by boat on the canals. It is a totally different view of Holland. Watch the videos of Holland Netherlands at


Must See Vacation Spots for Couples and Families

I was recently asked this question and I thought of sharing it here in my blog…

What are some of the must do (or even must see) things across the world?

Some of my unforgettable travel experiences are:
·        The Catacombs of Paris
·        Abu Simbel and other magnificent temples and pyramids in Egypt
·        Canopying and mud bath in Costa Rica
·        Fresh bread from a Moroccan Bakery
·        Swimming with the ray fish in Tahiti
·        Snorkeling in Riviera Maya Mexico
·        Taking a cooking course in Beijing
·        The Underground Jack the Ripper Tour in London
·        The Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans
·        River Rafting in glacier water in Alaska

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Romantic Ideas for Couples; Alaska, Cruise Port Skagway Excursion Part #2 [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #44]

Skagway Alaska Part #2 Things to see and do in Skagway; Red Onion Saloon, drift wood visitor center, White Pass Yukon Railroad Station, Days of ’98’ show about Soapy Smith, train museum and Souvenir shopping. There are plenty of food places. We found a ice cream shop and the fudge shop.

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