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Try a Unique Couple Stay Vacation; Shrimping

We heard that we could catch our own shrimp near where we live in South Florida. Shrimping comes only in February and March during the full moon. Then there has to be the correct wind direction and weather work together to bring the shrimp into the bay and up to the surface for shrimping.

Shrimping Shrimp Caught
60 shrimp caught

Watching YouTube & Asking Locals to Learn to do Shrimping

There is so much content on Youtube with instructions to learn how to do almost anything. We searched for videos of people shrimping in our bay. We found several and watched so we could figure out what supplies we would need and when to go. One of our favorite fishing and shrimping YouTube channels is

Shrimping Persistance Equals Shrimp Caught in Net

Then we went up every night for a week during the full moon in February. Finally one night there were a lot of people on the docks with shimp nets and green lights in the water. We learned that that is our best clue as to whether the shrimp are in the bay. Sure enough there were shrimp. We watched as the fisherman dipped their nets into the lighted water when they saw a shrimp drift near to the dock. Then the fun was on as they tried to outwit the shimp and get them in the net.

Shrimping in South Florida
How to catch shrimp

I had no idea that shrimp had such long feelers (that is what I call them, others call them antennas). They can feel the net near and they literally skip across the top of the water and jump out of the way of the net. Even then many fisherman caught enough shrimp for a nice dinner. We decided we would be there ready to shrimp in March.

Shimp Caught
60 shrimp caught

I always like to be sure we are doing things correctly. We made sure we had the right fishing license, a proper net size and knew the limits. We again drove up to the bay several nights during the full moon, except for one night when we could not go check. Guess what? That was the big night for shrimping. When we went the next night and heard the fish stories or should I say shrimping stories from the other shrimpers we were sad we missed it. We did get some shrimp that night. Enough for supper. Fresh caught & cooked shrimp have a great flavor.

After rying fresh caught shrimp

We removed the heads and then fried them in olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper. Oh, wow they were tasty.

This was our “Doing Someing New Together” Unique Stay Vacation activity.

Doing something new made us laugh a lot. We had something new to study and learn about together. We also had all kinds of new conversations. Having something new to do together is always a great boost to our relationship. We are ready for next year.


Hobby Vacation – Pottery Retreat Las Vegas [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #61]

Need a new vacation idea? Why not try a hobby retreat? Chenille and Debbie enjoy a fun filled week at Pottery West taking classes and making hand built and wheel thrown pottery. Join a like minded community of people for support. Animals add even more to a community. Host Debbie Gerber makes a hand built fish with big lips and a her very favorite clay mushrooms. Besides pottery Las Vegas is a great place to vacation. Boomer and Senior Travel; always looking for new ways to make your vacation meaningful and different.

Show Notes:
Episode: #61
Host: Debbie Gerber
Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV
What: Hobby Vacation Pottery Retreat
Where: Pottery West Las Vegas Nevada
Consider a vacation to pursue your interest in making pottery. See why hobby vacations are the new rage.

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Romantic Vacation Ideas; Stay Vacation Relaxation Space [Quick Travel Tips #40b]

How to make a private stay vacation garden relaxation space. Cheap comfortable vacation, 1 day vacation, or home vacation – whatever you call it make a space that suits your style. More backyard fun includes a recipe for hummingbird food, removing dead blossoms to increase more flowers and planting a garden in a flower bed.

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Cute Ideas for Couples, 4th of July Fireworks Show; Quick Travel Tip #31b by Debbie Gerber

The 4th of July can be a fun stay vacation or a couple getaway. Boomer & Senior Travel TV offers this travel video show I will give you travel tips to make your fireworks show a fun outing. Watch a fireworks show from Logan Utah 4th of July. Watch this fireworks video hosted by Debbie Gerber.

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Stay Vacations How to Tenderize Steaks; Quick Travel Tip #24b by Debbie Gerber

Stay Vacations are the rage. Staying home, turning off the phone and turning on the romance in your own convenient to everything home. Steak is one of the fun things to have for your romantic dinner alone at home. Learn how to have tender juicy steaks. Couple vacations come in all kinds try a Stay Vacation when you only have a few day or hours for some time alone together.

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