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Essential to Your Travel the Lug Snuz Sac U Blanket + Pillow

The perfect complement to your carryon luggage is the Lug Snuz Sac U Blanket and Pillow. They come as a set. All packaged together for easy carrying. A neck pillow helps prevent both a stiff neck and embarrassment from the bobbing head syndrome. You can also use it for supporting you back and while you wait in the in the lounge. Everyone should get a Lug Snuz Sac U Blanket + Pillow (Grass).

The Lug Snuz Sac U Blanket + Pillow come in a variety of colors to match you mood, luggage or maybe just your favorite color.


A Video Camera Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket

A small camera with lots of extras and resolution equal to the task of taking great videos. Easy to hook up to computer with built in USB. Carry extra SD cards with you because it has an SD slot. It even has a microphone jack. The Kodak Zi8 is a great choice for taking your videos.

Capture your memories in video with the Kodak Zi8 Camera (text link) Kodak Zi8 Pocket HD Digital Video Camcorder, Black


Apps, Apps and More Apps Do You Have Travel Ones?

The invention of mobile applications has made getting information while you are traveling so much easier. It used to be that you would have to go to the library or book store and check out or buy a travel book on the destination where you were traveling to. Then came the internet with the ability to look up information from the comfort of your home but you still couldn’t get real time on the spot information. Now we have mobile apps that provide immediate results and information.

The mobile apps can supply you with real time weather, tour information, airline check in, maps, and even information for opening and closing times of the places you are visiting.

What’s even better is most apps are very inexpensive compared to buying all those books, maps, and printing costs for printing from the internet and it eliminated the bulk of room all those things took up. With airline weight restrictions we really need our apps.


5 More Must Have Travel Essentials

Last week I shared 5 must have travel accessory essentials that make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable.  These are simple travel items that will help you avoid travel delays and travel frustrations. Here are 5 more travel accessories that are simple & inexpensive but you will find very valuable for your must have travel packing essentials.

1-Safety Pins:

  • Temporarily repair clothing
  • Pin a broken strap
  • Never carry your wallet in your back pocket. If you do choose to carry a wallet be sure to put it in your front pocket and secure the pocket with a couple of safety pins. Prevent pickpocket

2- Skin Glue: Dermabond

  • Close paper cuts
  • Seal down hangnails
  • Seal skin cracks

3- Duct tape:

  • Prevent shoe blisters
  • Bandage cuts
  • Fix broken or ripped luggage

4- Night light:

  • Plug in to navigate to the bathroom
  • Find things without turning on the lights
  • Small amount of light for those afraid of the dark

5- Portable electrical power strip & mini surge protector:

  • Additional plug-ins in hotel
  • Share plug-ins at conventions
  • Share plug-ins at airport
  • Protect electrical equipment



Couples Only; Boomer & Senior Travel TV; Quick Travel Tip #19b by Debbie Gerber

Quick Tip #19b Video of a fun way for a couple to spend an evening when they travel. Making Lingerie from things found in your hotel room.

Having trouble viewing this video? Try the Quicktime Version.