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Weekend Getaways for Couples, Experience Hollywood; Boomer & Senior Travel TV #34 by Debbie Gerber

Boomer & Senior Travel TV presents this video show focusing on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles California. Join Debbie and learn how celebrities get their star on the Walk of Fame, what the symbols in the stars stand for and who picks the winners. Find out if you can get in Jimmy Kimmel if you are in the standby line. Like Vietnamese check out the Pho café review. Follow a Gerber tradition and share a sundae at the Disney Soda Fountain. Debbie Gerber meets Charlie Chaplin on Hollywood Blvd, gets pictures of star imitators outside the Kodak Theater and the Grauman Theater. This is episode #34.

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“Do It Yourself” Journey Planner Travel Tips

“Do It Yourself Travel” can reduce your cost and allow you to customize your couples vacation. It can even be when you use a company to book a vacation through that has prices that equal or better than what you find through you research. Getting a good deal on travel allows couples to travel save money that they can use to travel again. I think that ‘Do It Yourself Travel” is all about you planning and researching the trip. If you have never used a JOURNEY PLANNER after enjoying this marvelous tool you will never plan another vacation without it.

I have several companies that I have worked with that I really like. Each for different reasons and areas of travel. I like to do travel research and search for travel deals. I use several travel provider companies as some specialize or have better prices to different specific area than others. I find deals especially if it is for a package deal. I always check the originating company of the cruise, hotel or airline where I want to to travel to see if they are offering the travel deal I found. That way I know if I am getting the best price.