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Traveling to a “Snowbird” Location

When picking a place to travel to or a “Snowbird” location you have to be ready for it not to meet all your expectations. We have a get-away house in Las Vegas. We went there to get out of the cold; -15 degrees where we are from. I love snow but not for 5 months. I start to feel trapped. Thus a get-away place. Las Vegas is supposed to be warm but there was ice on our pool at noon today. I love Las Vegas but I didn’t expect it to be so cold. I might be looking for someplace warmer yet.

Las Vegas Ice on Pool


Intoxication – Vacation Fun or Regret

Top Reasons not to get drunk on vacation:

1- Insurance may not cover you while drunk
2- You do things you regret the next day
3- Leaves you vulnerable to predators
4- Spend an excessive amount of money
5- Bad or illegal behavior follows
6- Exasperates known or unknown medical problems
7- You are annoying, crude to or start fights with other people
8- Get you thrown in jail and in a foreign country that scary
9- Makes you an easy target for theft
10- Be injured or injure someone else

Have you had a negative experience being drunk or dealing with drunk travelers on a vacation?


Travel Illusion Photography

Another fun thing we like to do is take pictures that look like an optical illusion. This one was in Bryce Canyon. I got low enough with the camera that when Gaylan jumped you couldn’t see the ground.

I took another one of my granddaughter holding a tree. I did extend the trunk of the tree in Photo Shop so it sat in her hand.