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The Evolution of Luggage: Steps for Shopping for Suitcases

What type of suitcase to buy? The choices are many and varied.  Before purchasing new luggage or even start shopping for luggage here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

1-      What luggage option do you need

2-      What are you carrying

3-      How much are you packing

4-      What is the weight limit

5-      Are you checking luggage

6-      Do you want to lug, backpack or wheel

7-      What kind of terrain will you be going over

8-      Do you want soft or hard sided

9-      What activities will you be doing

10-   What color or pattern do you prefer

11-   How much do you want to spend

12-   How long does it need to last


What is your favorite kind of suitcase and why did you choose it?


Is Your Luggage Slowing You Down?

My first clue that I had antiquated luggage was on a trip to Holland. We took my mother-in-with us. We bought her new luggage because hers didn’t have wheels.

The luggage salesperson showed us the wheeled luggage we asked about. We like them because they were like ours and they had done well for us over the years. I told the salesperson we were upgrading my mother-in-law’s luggage. I told him that she was in her 80’s whereupon he said, “she should have spinning wheel luggage.” After walking a spinning wheeled suitcase around the aisles we bought those for her.

As we drug our two wheeled suitcases and she merrily rolled her suitcases around on and off trains, down streets and around hotels for 10 days we understood why dragging a suitcase is nothing compared to rolling along with no drag or weight on your arm. That introduction to spinning wheeled suitcases changed our traveling with luggage experience forever.

If you are still dragging around the two wheeled version or lugging around the no wheeled version of suitcase I encourage you to update to the spinning wheel suitcases. Then you can go merrily rolling along your luggage on your next trip. Here is one example of the many that are available.

Are you a lugging suitcase traveler, a drag along behind suitcase traveler or a rolling merrily along suitcase traveler? Until they make an air levitated suitcase, I am firmly a roll along on spinning wheel luggage traveler. Which one are you? Do you need a change? American Tourister Spring Ranch 3-Piece Spinner Set (21″/25″/29″) (Navy)