Gift of Travel for Couples this Christmas

Make gift giving simple this year. Give the gift of travel to each other this Christmas.

Each year my husband and I give each other the gift of a couple’s vacation for Christmas.

It is always exciting and fun to decide where to go that year. The anticipation and planning together then experiencing it together give our relationship a boost and sizzle that we all occasionally need.

A couple’s trip can be as simple as an overnight in the area you live in or as expansive as a luxury vacation to another country.

How to give the gift of travel:

  1. Decide together that you will give the gift of travel to each other.
  2. Decide if that will be the only gift or if you will also give another or other gifts.
  3. Decide on a budget for the trip.
  4. Decide where you want to travel or time when you can travel.
  5. Purchase the trip or look for a bargain or deal on the place you have chosen or somewhere that has a bargain or deal during the time you have chosen.
  6. Wrap and put the tickets under the tree or wrap a gift certificate to yourselves.
  7. Plan together the details of the trip.
  8. Have a blast together.

Reconnect with your spouse through couple travel. It will help to spark romance and interest in each other in a way you have not considered before.

As you travel together you will see and experience new things together and learn more about each other than you ever thought you could.

Author: Debbie Gerber
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