Chenille and Debbie Meeting New Friends at NMX


We attended the New Media Expo to learn more about new methods and techniques to improve our businesses, blogs and podcasts. We met wonderful new interesting people. We made a lot new friends. I learned so much from so many people.


Leo Laporte was a keynote speaker at New Media Expo in 2013. He has a nationally syndicated radio talk show called “The Tech Guy,” one of the most popular technology podcasts. He is the founder and owner of the TWiT Netcast Network. I enjoyed getting to talk with him. He was really a great personable guy. He was the MC for the 2013 Podcast Awards. He kept us laughing with his cute funny presentation at the awards. You should check out his show: http://leoville.comhttp://techguylabs.com


Josh Levine is a living sculpture. The first thing that you notice is his hair but that isn’t all; he has a style that is all Josh. He was part of a panel helping us to use apps in our internet businesses. Later I looked up his art. You really should look at it. It is magnificent with great imagination.


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