10 All-Inclusive Resort Vacation Travel Tips

A cruise on land is my description of an all-inclusive resort vacation. It is my favorite getaway. Everything is included even the drinks. Do you ever spend time on your vacation saying, “Where do you want to eat?” “How much can we spend?” and wondering if you have enough money to really enjoy the food you would like to have.  There won’t be any skipping meals trying to save money or staying in your room because of the cost of activities; everything is included. Unless you decide to take a day tour away from the resort you will have paid for everything in advance and know exactly what your trip will cost.

Even though the most widely accepted definition of an “all-inclusive resort is when all your meals, snacks, drinks and non-motorized sports are included with your vacation package make sure to check the packages that you look at so that you know what is included in the quote that you receive. Packages can even include the airfare, transfers, taxes and gratuities. Ask if it includes airfare, transfers, resort stay, tips, food, drinks, sports, activities, and entertainment? Other questions to ask if these are important to you; is it on the beach, is there free internet access, a gym, more than one swimming pool, several theme restaurants to choose from, adult’s only rules, and are there programs for children?

Following these travel tips will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Planning ahead with these 10 all-inclusive resort tips will make your trip to an all-inclusive resort more enjoyable.

  1. After checking into the resort find out where to make reservations for the specialty restaurants as they fill up almost immediately. The number of evenings you can book a specialty restaurant are usually limited to 1 restaurant choice for every 3 night you stay.
  2. Pre-sign up for the kids “club” or “camp.” If you can’t do it ahead of time do it as soon as you can when you get there and get a copy of the schedule.
  3. Review the resort map and familiarize yourself with where the various parts are and where different activities are held.
  4. If you are not given a list there is an activities/game/entertainment schedule posted on the activities and games board. Make a note of when and where the ones that you are interested in are taking place. Some activities you need to go early and sign up if required. Most sporting activities need to be signed up for. Reservations for using the canoes, sail boats, snorkeling equipment, ping pong tournaments, etc. fill up quickly.
  5. One option if it is expensive to use your cell phones there is to take Walkie Talkies with you so that you can find each other easily if you separate or want to do separate activities.
  6. Time slips away so take a watch so you know what time it is. There won’t be many clocks around. Co-ordinate your activities so that you can meet up after separate activities or get to your spouse’s activity in time to cheer for them.
  7. There are so many food choices that you may want to walk around the buffet and see all the food choices before you start piling your plate. You will eat less and eat the things are you favorites.
  8. Take your towel or sandals and reserve your chair on the beach early in the day. Go to the outer edges of the seating area to find seats when they all appear to be taken.
  9. If drinks are included (usually are) enjoy but not so much that you are sick or lose control. It can be tempting when you don’t pay for them.
  10. If you love snorkeling bring your own snorkels & fins in case they limit the amount of time you can have them checked out.

Hunting for Your Next Vacation?

I may not be a British traveler but it pretty much lined up with what my favorite vacation travel wants entail except I would look for a couple beach vacation spot closer to my departure point in the USA in the middle of winter with activities that included snorkeling.

This is a good graphic to help you decide what is most important to you when you look for a place to take your vacation. Once you have a list of the things that are important to you then it is easier to go shopping for the best destination, happy hunting.


Why I do the Travel Show – Why I’m not on the Travel Channel

I get questions as to why I am not on the Travel Channel. The reason is I need more viewership to get that chance. I hope that one day they will see my show and ask me to join their group of shows. I want people to get a taste of the wonderful places there are in the world to enjoy so that they will go there and experience it for themselves. Plus people miss so many things because they don’t know they are there. So I hope I introduce fun things that they would otherwise miss. I try to include information that makes your travel easier, more comfortable and so you are prepared ahead of time. Please share my videos with anyone you know that would enjoy them. Thanks again!


Travel to Unique Historical Dolmens in Drenthe Holland Netherlands

I so appreciate viewers and readers who respond and give me information that I can pass on. That way more people get to see special unique areas of the world that we would otherwise miss. Here is one that my Youtube subscriber DeadLikeSilence told me about. Thank you from all of us for telling me about the Dolmens and zoo in North Holland.
In the province of Drenthe Holland Netherlands is a unique sightseeing stop. It has 53 of the 54 remaining dolmens in the Netherlands. The word Dolmens came from two word meaning “Stone Table.” Dolmens are megalithic tombs (tombs with Large Stones covering it.) I understand that biking or walking is an awesome way to go and see the Dolmens. Just outside of Borger is a megalithic tomb museum and tourist information center where you can get a route map to follow. There are 16 of the Dolmens (hunebedcentrum – Dutch name) in this area.
Also I hear that they are building a zoo in the Drenthe province that will be the biggest in Europe. It is in a village called Emmen.
I will definitely add this to my next visit to Holland Netherlands.