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A Strange Tropical Travel Bucket List Item

A tropical vacation home but not just any tropical home purchase. I know exactly what I am looking for I just can’t find it. Some day I will have one of those deja vu moments. We love to go stay on a beach for our main vacations but I am always searching…..

In my dreams I have a vision of a beautiful tropical place where we buy a house on the beach. The back of the house faces the ocean although there is a long  island in the middle of a smallish bay before the open ocean. The water is deep enough to boat between the main land and the island. It is close but not close enough to swim to. It has great snorkeling right off our dock. It is not heavily populated in that area. There is one small resort with a store down the road quite a ways. The house needs lots of work but is in an ideal location. It is so beautiful there. Just the place for us to retire on a beach, at least part time.

I know it is just a dream but every once in a while I will look at maps to see if I can find it. Maybe I just watch too much episodes of “House Hunters International.” Whatever the case may be it too is on my bucket list. If you have been somewhere like I described please help me by sending me the location to look at. If I find a photo similar too it I will also post it. Dreams…..

Does anyone else dream of having a house on the beach??


Where Should I Go Is THE Question

I hear that tourists love to travel to Europe but usually with the qualifier being weather or temperature. Every time of year Europe offers something different. Take Holland (The Netherlands) as an example. Holland is one of my favorite places to go. In the spring it is one of the most beautiful places on earth with its rainbow of flowers. In the winter it is cold but then you can grab a pair of skates as did Hans Brinker and enjoy some ice skating.

Where do you like to travel and why?


Dancing a Romantic Connection

Dancing at NMX closing party

We enjoy dancing. It is one of the most romantic ways to connect. Plus it is just plain fun! We don’t go as often as I wished we did but we do include it as one of our activities when we travel. I don’t know why but it is easier to get dressed up and go out at night when we are on vacation. This was at the closing party for NMX in Las Vegas. The band was awesome but I don’t know the name of the band. If anyone was there and can tell me I would appreciate it.


Destinations for Couples, A Tour of Swaziland Africa [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #59]

Travel to Swaziland in this video podcast or WebTV show ; A Tour of Swaziland Africa – a land of contrasts. This episode of Boomer and Senior Travel (formally Scatter Travel TV) gives you a virtual tour of Swaziland, its land and people. Facts, pictures and video are a good free resource for home schools. Debbie Gerber, show host, gives tips, advice and experiences of the travel destinations she has traveled.

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Weird and Unique I’m There

Some of the weird and wonderful festivals I have been to are the Date Festival in Indio California. They even had camel and ostrich races. But the weirdest one yet is the Testicle Festival in Woodruff Utah. I also here they have one in Montana. We’re talking eating rocky mountain oysters and listening to western poetry.