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A Strange Tropical Travel Bucket List Item

A tropical vacation home but not just any tropical home purchase. I know exactly what I am looking for I just can’t find it. Some day I will have one of those deja vu moments. We love to go stay on a beach for our main vacations but I am always searching…..

In my dreams I have a vision of a beautiful tropical place where we buy a house on the beach. The back of the house faces the ocean although there is a long  island in the middle of a smallish bay before the open ocean. The water is deep enough to boat between the main land and the island. It is close but not close enough to swim to. It has great snorkeling right off our dock. It is not heavily populated in that area. There is one small resort with a store down the road quite a ways. The house needs lots of work but is in an ideal location. It is so beautiful there. Just the place for us to retire on a beach, at least part time.

I know it is just a dream but every once in a while I will look at maps to see if I can find it. Maybe I just watch too much episodes of “House Hunters International.” Whatever the case may be it too is on my bucket list. If you have been somewhere like I described please help me by sending me the location to look at. If I find a photo similar too it I will also post it. Dreams…..

Does anyone else dream of having a house on the beach??


What is an Exotic Vacation?

Riviera Maya Beach Mexico

Exotic vacations need not be what you would normally think. Exotic vacations to me are ones where you have unique experiences or ones that are different, foreign to you or make you feel extra special. That opens up a lot of room for you to have an exotic vacation.

I have been to Venice a couple of times and it was defiantly a unique, different, foreign and memorable experience. I had never seen or experienced anything like it before. Some other exotic vacation experiences I can tell you about are Egypt, a Safari in Africa, canopying & the mud spa in Costa Rica, and even laying in the sun in Mexico.

Talking of Mexico I am preparing to go on my annual Riviera Maya Mexico vacation. This year we have chosen two different resorts. One of them the Secrets Silversands Resort. We chose this resort because we are looking for an exotic vacation. Exotic because it is supposed to be a classy high end luxury resort with a high level of service. I wanted to be spoiled this trip so we will see how this resort measures up to my hopes.


Things to do in San Francisco bike

San Francisco is a place where there is so much to do that you would need a couple weeks to fully experience it. There are many ways to see San Francisco. Some of the most popular are by car, on the famous cable cars, and various tour companies that provide narrated tours. Try something different and see San Francisco by bike. You can rent them and even ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. Sausalito is another close interesting place to see, shop and have a dining experience next to the water. One of my favorite shopping sprees was in Sausalito where my husband bought a piano purse for my daughter.


Chuburna Yucatan Mexico Flamingos Inn [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #74]

Review and introduction to Flamingos Inn in Chuburna Yucatan Mexico. Flamingos Inn is on the beach on the Gulf Coast. Stig is a friendly and interesting owner and host. A great place to stay for a short or extended stay for vacation or house hunting. Debbie Gerber of Boomer and Senior Travel loved staying there.

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Show Notes:

Episode: #74

Host: Debbie Gerber

Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV

What: Chuburna Yucatan Mexico Flamingos Inn(Boom and Senior Travel TV #74)

Where: Chuburna Yucatan near Progreso Mexico


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  • Flamingos Inn video
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Chuburna & Chelem Mexico Lodging and Restaurant [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #73]

Many people from the USA and Canada and retiring to small Gulf of Mexico villages north of Merida Mexico. Debbie Gerber host of Boomer and Senior Travel TV stayed in Chuburna at the Flamingos Inn on a House hunting trip to Mexico. The restaurant recommended in this episode is the Restaurant Costa Azul in Chelem. Dining on local shrimp, tacos, and Meringue puffs. The end of this show focuses on footwear for vacation.

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Show Notes:
Episode: #73
Host: Debbie Gerber
Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV
What: Chuburna & Chelem Restaurant & Lodging (Boom and Senior Travel TV #73)
Where: Chuburna & Chelem Mexico

  • Retiring to warmer weather?
  • Chuburna beach hotel: Famingos Inn
  • Chelem Restaurant: Costa Azul
  • What to eat in the Yucatan Mexico
  • Travel Tips for footwear/shoes