“Do It Yourself” Journey Planner Travel Tips

“Do It Yourself Travel” can reduce your cost and allow you to customize your couples vacation. It can even be when you use a company to book a vacation through that has prices that equal or better than what you find through you research. Getting a good deal on travel allows couples to travel save money that they can use to travel again. I think that ‘Do It Yourself Travel” is all about you planning and researching the trip. If you have never used a JOURNEY PLANNER after enjoying this marvelous tool you will never plan another vacation without it.

I have several companies that I have worked with that I really like. Each for different reasons and areas of travel. I like to do travel research and search for travel deals. I use several travel provider companies as some specialize or have better prices to different specific area than others. I find deals especially if it is for a package deal. I always check the originating company of the cruise, hotel or airline where I want to to travel to see if they are offering the travel deal I found. That way I know if I am getting the best price.

Always check around if you want to book at the best price. That being said don’t wait too long as specials can sell out as quickly as minutes after finding the deal. Ask the travel company what the availability is. Then you have a bit of an idea at least if you have to rush to book to get the deal.

TRAVEL TIPS FOR “Do It Yourself Travel”

1. Check and compare different companies or websites to get price comparisons.>Check to see if the air and/or transfers are included in the price given.

2. Check the price to see if it is cheaper to book air or transfers separately.

3. Make sure the price you are given includes all the taxes, fees, and costs that will be in the final price. The advertised price might not be the full and final price.

4. Check the flight times and length of total flight trip time before booking. It might not be worth it if you have several layovers. It might be a good deal but what if you are booking a 4 day trip and two full days are flights because of layovers. A “good deal” might not be a good deal for you.

5. Check to see if the package price is quoted from you departure city. It is common to have the “good deal” quoted from only one city with additional added on fees for other departure cities.

6. See if the company offers any discounts or a better deal than what you called on. Also search online for coupons or promotion codes to use for additional savings.Some companies give a discount for paying by check rather than by credit card. Especially foreign companies. I have received as much as 5% off by doing that.

7. If you have a group of people ask if there is a group discount available. The group discount usually kicks in at 10 people or 10 cabins or hotel rooms although companies vary in the amount that is needed for the group discount.

8. check all your documents for correct name spelling (must match you legal ID, or passport,) price, travel times and schedules.

9. Print out all documents and email one copy to yourself so if you need to reprint or get to them you can from anywhere you can get on the internet.Don’t forget to look for coupons, promotion codes and discount codes for car rental, hotel, tours and airport parking.

10. Use my “Journey Planner” and Travel Organizer” to make planner your vacation easier and more successful.

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