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If you ever get caught with a flight delay that causes you to miss a cruise or tour you know you have a problem. If the delay is due to weather or one of the other “outs” for the airline you are stuck with the expense, and I do mean expense when we are talking about buying a flight that day to catch up to your cruise or tour.

What if you get sick just before your trip or your spouse or traveling companion gets sick? With some of Travel Guard insurance plans you don’t need to choose to go by yourself or not go if you’re not well and still get your money back so that you can go later.

Travel insurance can save you hard earned money that you put toward a vacation. There are many things that can go wrong that having Travel Guard Insurance would put your mind and pocket book at ease.

Check out the different insurance options that they have. Not all companies cover these things but plans in Travel Guard do. Compare the different plans in Travel Guard and find the one that covers the things that you need.

Things I look for in Travel Insurance are:
• Customized Plans
• Trip cancellation due to interruption, missed flights or delays
• Baggage coverage due to lost, stolen or damaged luggage
• Coverage or help in case of lost or stolen travel documents, passport, and money
• Luggage or sports equipment delay
• Medical evacuation to a hospital or my choice
• Cancellation for job loss, or job related
• Cancel for any reason
• No deductibles or co-payments
• 24 hour emergency travel assistance and service
• Medical coverage
• Travel insurance that covers the entire trip including flights, car rental, package tours, hotels, baggage, documents, and medical

When you buy travel insurance check the policy for all conditions so that you know what is covered and what isn’t.

Travel insurance is available from the company that you buy your trip from but if the company goes out of business or bankrupt so does your insurance. You should also check any insurance that you buy for what it covers also be sure that it is cost effective. Do you want to buy insurance on a short inexpensive flight? I buy insurance when I have spent enough that I am afraid of losing it.

Cover your vacation and have peace of mind.

Travel Guard Insurance

Reasons for Travel Insurance:

When I traveled to Rome I had my purse stolen. That left me with no credit card or money. Luckily I had my passport in my pocket. It was a major hassle. I had to borrow money from other traveling companions. Make a lot of expensive overseas phone calls to cancel my credit cards and contact local police and the embassy.

One of our traveling companions got very sick and was hospitalized on a trip to Belize. He had to stay for several days. After his release he had to buy a full fare ticket back to the USA. So not only did he lose out on the cruise but he had the expense of the hospital and return airfare. I thought if that had been me I would have wanted the peace of mind to know all that was taken care of.

I took my new luggage on a trip to South Africa. On the return trip the airline bent my bag bad enough to ruin the handle. The handle would no longer pull out of the suitcase. But a handle being broken even if it is their fault is one of their outs. They refused to pay the bag.

I met a girl and her family in the line for lost luggage at an airline that I had flown. I had just returned home from a vacation and was looking for a bag that not yet arrived. I thought I was in a bad way until I met her. She had just flown in to meet her parents who had also flown in from another destination. They were meeting and then catching a tour to go hunting in the mountains of Wyoming. Her bag contained everything that she needed for the hunting trip. They found that her bag had been routed to the wrong airport.

Unfortunately for her they couldn’t get her bag back to her until after she left on the hunting trip. Once she was in the mountains they couldn’t deliver it because they were camping and had no phone service. Her only choice was to pick her bag up on her way to fly home after her hunting trip. She had to go buy cloths and supplies for the trip out of her own pocket. The airline would not help. I felt bad she didn’t have travel insurance.

I would think that if you are traveling with sports equipment like skies, snowboards, golf clubs, hunting guns, camera equipment or other expensive items that you need to complete the vacation that you had planned. In this case travel insurance would be important. Just be sure that your insurance covers those items.

Our return flight from Dominican Republic was delayed several hours due to heavy rain and wind. We missed our connecting flight in New York. It was late at night when we got in. The airline flying us from Dominican Republic to New York wouldn’t help us and because our connecting flight home from New York was a different airline they wouldn’t cover our overnight stay and taxi rides either. We had to come early the next morning and wait in standby until they could get us on a flight back home. Travel Guard would have been there available 24/7 to help us.

My friend was on a trip when her daughter went into unexpected labor with complication. She had to get herself home in a quick hurry. If that were me I would have wanted to catch the next flight home without worrying it would break the bank.

I buy travel insurance when the cost of my trip is large enough that I worry about losing the money I am spending. But I also buy it for the medical benefit when I travel international.

I buy Travel Insurance that covers me for “cancel for any reason.” You never know when something will happen and you need to cancel, like my father in law had a brain aneurysm, the island we were flying to was hit by a hurricane just days before our trip, a trip to the hospital for food poisoning. You always hope that nothing does but I don’t want to lose all the money or the chance to take the trip at a later date if it does.

I buy travel insurance because I want to know that I won’t lose my money or my sanity if things don’t go as planned.

When you buy travel insurance check the policy for all conditions so that you know what is covered and what isn’t.

Check out: Plans available through Travel Guard can provide you with coverage for unexpected medical expenses while on a trip.

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