Travel Bucket List – Whales & Penguins; Cape Town South Africa [Boomer and Senior Travel TV #67]

If South Africa is on your “Travel Bucket List,” Cape Town is your destination at least it was at the top of mine. If you want to see spouting whales or waddling land penguins then Cape Town is your destination. Watch this popular internet WebTV Video Show from www.boomerandseniortravel.tv for a preview and information about Cape Town sights. Debbie Gerber shares her travel experiences as well as facts about penguins and South Africa. The more you know about the places that you travel the more enriched your trips will be.

Show Notes:
Episode: #67
Host: Debbie Gerber
Show: Boomer and Senior Travel TV
What: Travel Bucket List – Whales & Penguins; Cape Town South Africa
Where: South Africa
Contents: In episode #67 this video WebTV travel show brought to you by Debbie Gerber cover facts and information about whales and penguins and other things to see and do in and around Cape Town South Africa. These penguins live on land not on ice. Baby penguins have fur like covering until they get their feathers that are water proof. Travel a road cut out of the side of the mountain. Chilly weather in July in South Africa.

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Author: Debbie Gerber
Posted in: Boomer & Senior Travel TV

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