Buying Real Estate in Mexico – the Experience

Coco's Cabanas Jungle Path, Riviera Maya Mexico Resort

We loved the weather and the beach vacations we have taken to the Riviera Maya Mexico so much we decided to come back and look at a place to buy so that we can come for longer relaxing vacations. We have been looking online for weeks and talking with real estate agents from different areas of Mexico. We have decided to focus on Cancun, the Riviera Maya and on the beach areas outside of Merida Mexico.

Buying in a foreign country can sound exciting and scary. With all the shows like “International House Hunters” it can seem very glamorous as well.

We have learned that you need to learn the rules and laws involved before you set out so that you know the true costs and legal implications involved.

If you are buying near the beach (in the restricted zone) you can’t own the property. You will buy it in a trust through a bank called a “fideicomisos.” I also believe that you should always use a local attorney to check everything out on your behalf.

The first property that we are going to look at is a small boutique hotel/resort with a restaurant and bar. It is called Coco’s Cabanas. http://www.cocoscabanas.com Retire steps from the beach with a great income too. Sounds intriguing.

We are excited about this adventure. I will continue to blog about it.


March 19th San Juan Capistrano Celebrates the Return of the Swallows on St. Joseph’s Day

Have you visited the San Juan Capistrano in California? If not this tradition happens on March 19th each year. The bells are ringing, the Mariachi are playing, and people waiting in anticipation today at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. The celebration is an annual event with the celebration of St. Joseph’s Day but also for the return of the swallows to the mission.

Have you visited the Mission San Juan Capistrano in California? If not it has a tradition on March 19th each year. It is also a beautiful town. Even if you can’t be there today make a plan to visit.

Each year the swallows return to build their little mud homes at the mission. Then in October (celebrated October 23rd) they leave for the winter. They say this has been going on for more than 200 years. Where do they migrate to? Goya, Argentina.

If you get a chance to be there it is a festive celebration you might get to see masses of swallows arriving on March 19th or leaving if you go on October 23rd.

Want more information: http://www.sanjuancapistrano.net/swallows/index.html


Las Vegas Attractions – What to see and do NMX – Blog World 2013

Vegas Attraction & Fun

I just wanted you to know what is current in Las Vegas. I have spent time going to see several things and found that they no longer existed or the schedule of shows had changed. I hope this helps you.

If you are going to eat at the buffet you might want to get the buffet of buffet pass. It is a 24 hour pass to 6 different buffets. Weekend prices are a little higher than Sunday after 11 am. – Thursday. Ask the cashier at the buffet for the pass.

Las Vegas is still chilly and you would probably be glad of a coat if you are walking the strip of watching outdoor shows.

For restaurant and show discounts go to the tix4tonight.com website or booth to see what is available.

Mirage Hotel and Casino:

Volcano Eruptions will be closed until Feb 15th for maintenance.

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat – Open 10 am to 4 pm. There is an admission charge of Adults: $19.95 Children 4-12: $14.95 and under 3 free. Call to confirm: 702-791-7188

Aquarium behind the front desk is spectacular. The 20,000 gallon tank is 53 feet long and eight feet tall with hundreds of fish for you viewing pleasure.

Be sure to visit the Atrium while you are there to see an indoor rainforest with lagoons, waterfalls, trees and flowers.

Venetian Hotel & Casino/Palazzo Mall:

Gondola Rides – $18.95 (you may be seated with other if your party is not 4) Private Gondola for 2 $75.80
The time for indoor rides and outdoor rides are different. Outside 11 am to 9:45 pm and Inside 10 am to 10:45 pm. Call to confirm: 702-414-4300

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum – Open at 10 am for closing times call: 702-862-7810

Be sure to walk through the casino and look up. The hand painted frescoes on the ceiling make it seem that you really have stepped through a transport right in to Italy. It is truly magnificent.

Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino:

Forum Shops:
In front of the Cheesecake Factory see the fountain show and see the fish in the 50,000 gallon aquarium.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino:

Water Fountain Show – M-F 3pm – 7pm every 1/2 hour. 7-midnight every 15 mins. Sat. & Holidays – shows begin at noon with the same times and Sun. show begins at 11 am and run every 15 mins.

Conservatory – One of the most beautiful works of art with plants and flowers is the Conservatory at the Bellagio. It is Open 24/7.

Largest Chocolate Fountain – Don’t miss this while you are there behind the Conservatory is the Chocolate Fountain. Grab a treat from the Chocolatier and eat it while overlooking the pool area.

Glass Flowers – This is an amazing piece of art seemingly floating up by the ceiling in the Lobby. It is called Fiori di Como. It is 2,000 hand blown glass flowers. How did they ever get them installed without breaking them?? That is what my mind kept thinking.

Don’t forget Fremont Street downtown:

Viva Vision Canopy Light Show – The show is music and lights 12 million LED lights and a 555,000 watt sound system is an experience to be had. In between shows listen to one of the bands performing on stages spaced down the corridor or watch some of the street performs vying for tips.

MGM Hotel and Casino:

Lion Habitat has been closed. Don’t go there like we did and be disappointed. But do go to the Rainforest Cafe for some jungle feel while eating. We ate in a cave!

Coca Cola World and M&M World:

These two stores/attractions are steps apart. Both great places to see and buy things from their brands.

Walk of Stars:

I have not seen this but if you like the walk of stars in LA this may be up your alley. It is between Sahara and Russell streets on both sides of the street on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino:

Sirens of TI – Show if front of property. Shows at 5:30 pm, 7 pm, 8:30 pm. and 10 pm.

Hoover Dam:
Call for hours and prices 702-494-2517

Hoover Dam is a ways out but if you haven’t been on the tour it is amazing. There are many tour companies that you can arrange a tour with if you don’t have transportation.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden:
Henderson, NV. Call for hours: 702-435-2655

Again a little ways out go on a Self-guided tour with a taste at the end. gps address: 1 Sunset Way, Henderson, NV

Las Vegas with Kids Video Podcast:


Journey Planner: Travel Planning

I was recently asked this question and I thought of sharing it here in my blog…

Travel: How do you plan your adventures?

I use the Scatter Travel Journey Planner. I also like Travel Advisor for checking out what other travelers liked and didn’t think was worth their time. YouTube is also a good resource for what to see. I post my videos there to help other travelers plan their vacations. You can find them on the Couplestravel channel. One more place I check are tour companies’ web sites. I see what they have on their itineraries. They put a good variety of the best there is to see, do and places to stay.


Boomer’s Bucket Lists

I was recently asked this question and I thought of sharing it here in my blog…

What types of places are baby boomers interested in visiting?

Where they travel and their bucket lists don’t add up to be the same yet. The baby boomers say they want to travel internationally but the majority are still traveling in the United States. The top destination on their bucket list is Europe and the Caribbean but the largest percentage travel to Florida, Arizona, California or Hawaii. Hawaii was high on the bucket lists though. A lot of the boomers I talk to their fears that keep them from traveling are health and safety and not sure they would know what or where to go when they travel. I address these issues in a weekly internet TV show- boomerandseniortravel.tv Because of these fears I know in my area baby boomer are looking for a closer more familiar places to travel as well as warmer climates to spend time in if not just for a vacation but also to live there for part of the year. I know my bucket list has Australia and the Galapagos Islands. I have done Europe, Hawaii and many of the other boomer favorites. I would strongly suggest that even if you can’t travel to your ultimate destination that you start traveling now. At our age you just never know whether traveling is something you will be able to do. Travel now whether it is a 2 day close to home destination or whether you can Sunbird to another location for part of the year.