Alaskan Salmon Fishing – Salmon Bake

Salmon fishing was one of the highlights of our Alaskan Cruise for my husband Gaylan. I didn’t want to get seasick so I went shopping. We had the fish he caught packaged and sent to our house. The fishing highlight for me was to come home and have salmon bakes. I love cooking the salmon on the grill with mayo and butter. You can see the video and recipe at http://bit.ly/R5NNqN


Date Ideas for Couples – Adventure Travel

A far-off concept to many foreign travellers is Adventure travel. We’ve all been through the same package vacations — hotel to beach, beach to restaurant, and back again — and it was not as thrilling as it could be. Take the plunge and go on an international adventure instead of a typical vacation. Adventure travel let’s you see a side of the country that you can’t see from a hotel room. It also allows you immerse yourself in the language.  You’ll end up with travel stories that really inspire people. Adventure travel can help you save money too!


Trip Route Planner for a Fun and Unique Travel Experience

Travel is an amusing way to see, do and experience new things. You can get full advantage of what each place has to offer but in a fun way. For a fun and unique travel experience, share it with others who share your enthusiasms or life experiences. Travel can be entertaining and exciting for any age and travel style. These days, loads of diverse and appealing itineraries are available that appeal to travelers in quest of a classic and extraordinary destinations. Whether you take pleasure in cruise ships, all-inclusive hotels, train adventures or backpacking across less-traveled routes, a variety of amazing and unusual travel ideas are available to choose from.


Fun Activities for Couples – Geocaching

Geocaching vacations are the new rage. I have friends who divide a state into areas and do the geocaching for all those areas. The combination of Earth, hiding, and technology made geocaching an excellent term for the activity. The rules for the finder were simple: “Take some stuff, leave some stuff.”


Vacation Destinations for Couples

Recently I was asked this question and thought I’d share it with my readers here on the blog..

1.What are the most popular places in the world to visit?

The ones that I always hear is: Paris, Hawaii, and Niagara Falls. I think these are great but everyone’s favorites are the places that they have been that have had an emotional experience for them. Some where that touched them, excited them, where they experienced something new and different or somewhere that they interacted with the people.

I loved Paris because we went to a tour – The Catacombs and the underground sewer tours. I loved sitting out in the street cafes. That was what made Paris for me.

One of my favorite places in the world are Holland and Riviera Maya Mexico. Holland hit the top of my list when we spent time walking along the canals visiting with the people and eating in the local pubs.

Riviera Maya on the other hand is in the top of my list because it is where we go for romantic beach vacations.

At the very top of my list of favorites is Egypt. It is just so overwhelmingly overwhelming! The history, the grandness and the gracious people.

But all of the I think should be the most popular places because I loved them so much.