Five Romantic Vacation Destinations

1- Park City, Utah

Park City Utah is a one of a kind destination. From its charming main street to its state of the art Ski Resorts you can enjoy both a romantic and adventure filled vacation.

There is romance in the air in the mountains whether it is the high elevation or that special someone you come to spend your vacation with. Park City is a great choice for a romantic vacation.

In the summer there is biking, hiking and shopping. In the winter there is skiing, snowmobiling and even dog sledding. Now there is something new to enjoy together; take a ride on a dog sled. Taking a hay ride is always an option whether summer or winter.

Top your day off by treating yourself to a couple’s massage and fine dinning in the evening.

2- Riviera Maya, Mexico:

Riviera Maya Mexico fills the imagination with romance. Sunny days’ laying on the beach soaking up the warm sun rays is sure to heat up the nights.

Only one thing tops that off and that is staying at an all inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya Mexico. You relax while they take care of everything including some of the finest specialty restaurants, entertainment every night, and a wide variety of activities to participate in together.

Keep the romance flowing holding hands snorkeling, synchronizing your paddling while kayaking, thrill together skimming across the ocean on a sail boat, dance the night away or stare into each others eyes over a romantic dinner.

For variety take a taxi or local bus into town where the night life is always hopping. There are plenty of clubs, bars and restaurants to keep you going all day and all night if that is your pleasure.

3- Delft, Holland:

At the entrance to the square in Delft is a giant blue glass heart. The heart is the symbol of romance and Delft has a very romantic feel.

You will feel a quiet peaceful ambience as you wander crossing the little canals and bridges. This is a place you can relax and really get the feel of being in Netherlands.

The large square in Delft is called the “Market Square.” It has many shops, restaurants and a place to sit and watch the people scurrying from shop to shop.

Delft was home to the great artist “Vermeer.” You can visit his studio and see his art work.

While you’re in Holland, Delft is the place to visit the oldest still operating Royal Delft Blue Factory called “Porceleyne Fles.” You could even arrange to take a workshop.

Climb up to the top of the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) tower where you can see many miles of Holland.

Spend a day like the Dutch. Rent a bike and explore the area the traditional way by pedaling.

Spend the nights in a bed and breakfast or hotel overlooking a canal or square. Look for all the houses to have white lace curtains. All in all a vacation in Delft is romantic relaxing and inspiring.

4- Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas isn’t just for gambling. Couples can find fun and unique things to experience. Las Vegas has some of the finest restaurants in the world. Holding hands in a fine dining restaurant is your first thought for a romantic dinner but laughing together or doing something new together can generate just as much romance. If you are looking for a dinning experience that goes beyond the cuisine some fun places with unique experiences are:

Medieval Dinner Theater: Be transported back to the days of knights and chivalry. You become part of the audience of jousting matches and have a wench serve you food that you eat with your hands.

Tony & Tina Wedding Dinner Theater: This dining experience is especially fun if you like joining in and kidding around with the actors and actresses. The play is a wedding that takes place around you and you are the guests at the wedding. It is fun and funny as you are familiar with this scenario.

Dicks: Dicks is a real experience. If you like to kid around and have fun this is a place for you. You will laugh and laugh but only if you are can handle being hassled. They idea is for them to be rude and crude to you.

There is plenty to do inside and outside of the casinos whether you are looking for thrills or a stay in your room experience.

There are several thrill ride experiences on the Strip. At the top of the Stratosphere are one of a kind rides. The roller coaster leverages you out into midair at the top of the Stratosphere. Circus Circus as the name implies has indoor circus acts, a mid-way with all kind of games where you can try you skill at winning prizes. It is romantic to have your partner win you a prize like a large stuffed animal to carry around with you. They also have an indoor amusement park. New York New York and The Paris are also stops along the way to ride a roller coaster.

Broadway plays have come to Las Vegas. You no longer have to go to New York to see Broadway plays.

Take a tour of a chocolate factory at the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory. While you are there you can walk through their cactus gardens. This is not on the strip but it is a fun outing.

There is so much to see and do just walking down the Strip in Las Vegas. There are huge fire and water fountain shows, large malls, a pirate ships show, roller coasters, the M&M store, the Coca Cola Store, lions, birds, art galleries, and just watching people. You couldn’t even begin to experience Las Vegas in a week there is so much to see and do.

5- Backyard or Stay Vacation:

Some of the best vacations can be right in the area that you live in. Let’s start with your house and backyard. Here are some examples of fun and romantic vacations in your own backyard.

Camping in the backyard can turn your own home into a vacation spot. Turn off the phones, lock the door and go camping at home. Set up a tent in the backyard. Have a night under the stars. You can steal into the house for snacks and tin foil dinners made in the oven but keep it as close to camping as you can. Put out a blanket and find the constellations and wish on falling stars. You might even take up Dutch Oven cooking. Learning a new way of cooking is something you can experience together.

Cocoon yourselves in your house that you have stocked with food, treats, and movies. Pretend that you are at an all inclusive resort. Light the candles, watch movies, romp in bed, take baths and shower together. Eat, sleep, talk, play games and watch movies together locking out the world; no newspapers, phones, door answering or going out.

Reserve a hotel for a few nights in the town you live in or in a neighboring city. Take your lingerie, some music, and snacks with you. Take turns inventing new positions and bedroom activities or creating new lingerie out of things in the hotel room. Have a nice dinner out, order in, or go on a progressive dinner where you go to several restaurants or fast food businesses and have one dinner item per establishment.

This is only 5 examples of romantic destinations. Romance is wherever you make it. It is all in the attitude and focus that you place on your interaction with each other. Decide to be romantic, focus on your partner and do new, fun, or exciting things together and the sparks of romance will ignite.

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